Sam Raimi takes a trip to the World of Warcraft

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the first film being about the Orcs coming through The Dark Portal and essentially being a live-action WarCraft II.

Arthas is the story I want to see, but because that relies on a lot of stuff that comes before it to really understand the world itself, it’s more likely that they won’t do that first.

You introduce the Orcs and Humans and their conflict in the first film. You maybe tell the story of Thrall in a second film and then you bring in the Undead with Arthas in the third film.

They certainly have no lack of pretty good stories to choose from, though.

Have you ever played a Warcaft game? They’re cheesy, campy, and fun. That style is perfect for a Warcraft movie. If you want serious macho-man fantasy, I believe there are a couple Dungeon Siege movies that were made just for you.

I doubt they will go for cheesy with this movie. I’m guessing a LotRish attempt. After all, if it’s successful anywhere close to that scale, they can have a long running series.

Umm, have you ever played a Warcraft game? Sure, they have lighthearted elements and don’t take themselves super seriously like Dungeon Siege, but they’re hardly cheesy or campy, and they treat the central narrative with some seriousness and dignity. I’d expect a Warcraft movie to play something like the recent Star Trek film (or the first two Spider Man films for that matter) – mostly serious, but with some lighthearted, humorous elements.

I reckon they’ll try to strike a balance between serious and campy, like the Spider-Man movies, hence the choice of Sam Raimi. That’s Warcraft’s best bet to succeed as a movie, I think.

I honestly don’t think this will ever be made. I don’t think the source material is strong enough to create a good enough script. It works for a video game, but is it deep enough for a huge movie without coming off as a ripping from an already established franchise?

If every WoW subscriber in the US, all 3 million or whatever, pay $10 to see this, that’s $30 mil and the movie is a mega-bomb. They’ll need to make this appeal to more than just WoW players, and I don’t think they can.

The story of Arthas alone is powerful enough to make a film out of, and to bring in a hell of a lot of people. It’s like freaking Shakespeare compared to drivel like Transformers.

This. If they can make Transformers into a blockbuster, they can certainly do it with Wow.

Lucky for us, the “they” that was involved in Transformers is nowhere near this film. Instead, we have the “they” that’s been involved in Dark Knight, Spider-Man and Drag Me To Hell, and Warcraft.

The script that I heard about two years ago (written by Blizzard writers IIRC, although requiring massive rewrites since it was not at all ready for primetime) was not at all TRONish. They are definitely aiming for something more like LotR, not something that treats the setting as if it were a video game.

It’s not like Raimi made Spider-man a meta commentary on being a comic book. That doesn’t seem his style. Having tongue in cheek humor along side serious stories is what Blizzard has already tried to do, so it seems like Raimi is a perfect fit to get that. Hopefully we’ll see stylized landscapes, silly gnomes, rasta trolls, greedy goblins, along side dark and bloody battles, moral and emotional conflicts, creepy undead, and scary demons. That’s more like Raimi’s style.

Now, if Zach Snyder was directing, we would probably see the WoW UI up on screen.

I’m wildly excited by this. I haven’t played a Warcraft game since II, so I have no idea about any of the lore past orcs that say “Zug, zug” a lot, but ever since Army Of Darkness I’ve wanted to see Raimi tackle a full-on fantasy picture.

Looks like it could be Metzen.

By “they,” I meant the film industry as a whole.

Oh no, really ?

This does nothing to the fact that it felt cheap and boring for the most part (and imho of course).

Apparently, it is just Warcraft with no “World of,” as Legendary’s slate mentioned earlier this year.

When it was announced in 2007, at the time, the only story elements Metzen talked about was that it takes place a year before WoW (which will put it after Arthas’ fall, I think, so I guess it’s not about that), and it will be from Alliance perspective.

This book took place during that time period. It wasn’t one of the better WoW books, but tried to bridge the gap between the alliance of Orcs and Humans at the end of W3X to the state of war in WoW.

It was announced in 2006. But as mentioned earlier, it likely gone under massive rewrites, so that may not be what it is still about.

This is going to be a very derivative and stale movie if it tries to take itself seriously. We already have several ongoing film franchises that use the elf/orc/dwarf/troll mold to tell their plodding narratives, and Warcraft really did just rip off every fantasy stereotype they could get their hands on. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about ancient prophecies, a warlike race rising, a magical tree ruining the land or whatever passes for every WoW players’ favorite subplot. You know it’ll be bad.

If it’s played completely tongue in cheek, or even better, if it’s satire and directly addresses gaming somehow (see the excellent Vertigo series “User”) it could be very entertaining.

Then again, I think Potter is a shameful aggregation of fantasy stereotypes and isn’t worth another second of attention, but I know I’m retarded when it’s become a gazillion dollar franchise.

I had actually been working on this for the past two years. Had to keep it under wraps at the time but it doesn’t really matter now.

I worked very closely with Legendary and Blizzard to come up with a screenplay that distilled the sprawling Warcraft mythology into a narrative that was easily accessible to the non-player, and everyone was really pleased with the results - I personally thought my last draft of the script in particular was really kick-ass and did a good job of introducing the Warcraft world to non-players while also satisfying hardcore players who knew every nook and cranny of the universe. When Sam expressed interest in the property, however, he had his own pretty specific vision of what he wanted to do story-wise so that’s the version they’re now pursuing. I’m no longer involved but I wish them all the best with it; so far as I’m concerned Raimi is the best possible director for this.

Well, I hope he understands the basis on which Warcraft’s world was created. I also hope he’s read Tree and Leaf by Tolkien. Otherwise, this is going to be pretty terrible in its story.

How many other projects of yours do we not know about?