Samsung DLP woes

After the abrupt death of my 13 year-old RCA TV, I decided to spring for one of them fancy-pants HDTVs. After hearing all the great things about DLPs I decided to go with a Samsung 42’’ rear projection DLP.

Very nice TV. Great picture. Plenty bright.

But I can’t play Guitar Hero anymore. There’s lag, even with “Game Mode” enabled. Everything else appears to play fine. I swear I can notice it with other games, but my mind might be playing tricks on me.

With Guitar Hero it’s obvious. Normally, I can blow through Cowboys From Hell on Medium with no problems, but I can’t even get through the song now.

I know this issue has been mentioned before, but I just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this and/or has any solutions. I poked around the Service Menu but I don’t what to mess with it unless I know what I’m doing. If I can’t make it work, I’ll be taking it back this weekend.

And Bob Mayer? I know I was just bragging about my cool new TV to you today, but that was before I tried playing Guitar Hero) :(

At work we had the same problem, with the exact same game, and the company sprang for some sort of expensive encoder box that could convert the signal fast enough to not cause display lag. As far as I know there is no other fix.

Yeah, my parents have a Samsung DLP, and the lag is very noticeable even with Game Mode on. It wreaked havoc on our Monkey Bowling skills over Thanksgiving.

A buddy of mine has the same problem with his 61" Samsung DLP and Guitar Hero. An FAE from samsung showed up at his house today, who explained that any interlaced signal going into the Samsung DLP was going to be lagged.

Question for those in the know: Will a line double box upconvert the interlaced signal fast enough to get around the problem?

If it’s truely the interlacing causing the issue then I’d guess it would?

Try a 480p ps2 game and see if it also lags to check and see if it only happens with interlaced signals.

Maybe try turning DNIe off and see if that helps:

I posted about this in the Guitar Hero thread. I have a Samsung DLP hooked up to a Yamaha receiver, and if you turn up the sound on both, there’s an audible delay bewteen the two. It was screwing with playing Guitar Hero big-time.

Workaround: mute the TV, use the receiver sound only. It sounds better anyway. :)

Yeah, I tried a 480p game and if there’s lag, it’s really hard to tell. The trouble is, Guitar Hero requires such exact timing that any lag will throw you off.

Sigh… anyone got any TV recommendations?

Woah. Apparently the Samsung has 500ms video lag with Guitar Hero. So that’s how unplayable it is.

Sluggo, how does that help you play guitar hero? It’s not the audio that’s lagged, but the video.

I’d guess that it is the interlaced input thing, because I play DDR Ultramix on my Samsung DLP, and it works fine (and DDR is definitely the type of game, like Guitar Hero, where you’d notice even the tiniest bit of lag).

That kind of blows WRT Guitar Hero, though. I wonder why that game isn’t 480p? It’s not like it has system-crunching graphics or anything.

It’s funny, Guitar Hero’s predecessor, Amplitude, was the reason why I had to return my Samsung DLP :(
When I was researching the problem on the AVS Forums, someone mentioned that they had some success with an upconvertor, but the things cost $300

it is a ps2 game, and the ps2 has the worst progressive scan support of any console (of the ones that can support it, obviously)

Dreamcast has more progressive scan support (almost 100% of the games) and it doesnt even have a cable that easily allows it.

Maybe try turning DNIe off and see if that helps:

Unfortunately, the service menu on my HL-R4266W doesn’t have those setting to adjust.


Are you going in the component inputs on the Samsung?

Ouch, that hurts, GregB. I’ve got a Samsung DLP and have zero problems with Guitar Hero. FWIW.

I’m definitely using component cables and not running sound through the speakers, so I don’t know if Denny’s and sluggo’s suggestions would work, but they’re worth a try.


I’m using component, Denny. Wait, that’s the green, blue, and red video cables, right? That’s what I’m using.

Tom, you and your TV suck. What Model TV do you have again?

Ah, yep, that’s component.

I haven’t tried Guitar Hero yet, but my Samsung HLP is fine with other PS2 games so far. I’ll be bummed if I do have problems, as I’m looking forward to GH.

My buddy just hooked up his laptop’s VGA output to the Samsung DLP’s VGA port, and he said the lag there was very slight. So, he’s going to try to find a less expensive composite/S-Video to VGA converter and see if Guitar Hero is playable that way.

Greg, I have a 50" DLP called the “HL-R5067W”. As far as I know, shouldn’t that be the same version as yours? I got it a month or so ago based on a few recommendations, including a thread on this forum (I think me and Ben Sones have the same TV). But the weird thing is that maybe there is and I’ve just adjusted?

I’ve been able to do DDR – umm, I mean, well, I don’t actually play that stuff, but, you know, it runs and all, as I’ve verified for, umm testing purposes – and Guitar Hero on it.

But now you’ve got me wondering. I recently got back from a trip where I played Guitar Hero on someone else’s TV, and I seem to recall thinking that I needed to adjust my timing. So maybe I do have a lag issue and I’ve just adapted?

At any rate, Guitar Hero is perfectly playable, as are various DDRs, so if I have a problem, I’m so rhtmymically impaired that I haven’t noticed. We play Guitar Hero at Shoot Club and the guys don’t have much problem picking up the timing, so if I have lag, it’s at least consistent. Rats, how would I know?

-Tom, suddenly eyeing his TV with suspicion