Samsung Omnia

Does anyone here have a Samsung Omnia and what do you think of it?

Just got one earlier this week, upgraded from an i760 which I passed on to my wife.

I like it for the most part. Verizon has locked down the GPS so you have to use their $10/month nav app, which is really annoying. Nobody’s hacked it yet, but I’m hoping…

The custom user interface is cool looking, but I ended up using SPB Mobile Shell instead.

The camera’s surprisingly good for a phone.

If you want a Windows Mobile phone, or need to be on Verizon, it’s a nice choice. But it has the usual bonehead design decisions you see on so many cell phones, such as the need to use an adapter cable to use a non-Bluetooth headset.

Check out and the Omnia section on for lots of good info and impressions.

Thank you DennyA

I could actually leave verizon but I like their service. Everyone raves about the Iphone and it looks really nice, I just dont know if I wan’t to switch companies. Anyone have any good suggestions that are similar to an Iphone other then the Omnia?

If you don’t want the compromises that come with a physical keyboard (small screen or brick-thickness), the Omnia is the best option currently out there. And don’t get me wrong – I really like it. Just wanted to make sure I brought out the annoyances as well. :)

As for iPhone similarity, except for the headphone idiocy (which isn’t even an issue if you go with a Bluetooth headset), the Omnia encompasses all of the iPhone’s functionality, and has a much better camera, and much better voice and data coverage (Verizon vs. AT&T). Plus, on the music front, you can use subscription music services if that’s your cup of tea, which isn’t an option on the iPhone.

What the iPhone has going for it is a great user interface and the awesomely fun selection of stuff on the Apps store (there’s tons of Windows Mobile software for the Omnia, but much of it lacks the UI creativity of the iPhone stuff). I wish more Windows Mobile devs would take some inspiration from the iTunes store and the smattering of cool Android apps out there.

How is the touchscreen input on it?

I’ve been looking at one mainly for WinMo, but we’ve recently been burned by Samsung when my wife picked up a Glyde a few months back, and so I am a little trigger-shy for Samsung touchscreens at the moment.

It’s as good as any capacitive touchscreen I’ve tried; much better than my Samsung i760. Not quite as good with fingers as a resistive screen like the iPhone/iPod Touch, but you can’t find those on Windows Mobile phones.

This is more of a windows mobile question, but what kind of apps are out for it.