Samsung using phony postes

In an interesting turn of events, Samsung has to pay a fine of over 1.8 million (Kroner) due to the use of paid for forum-goers which talked trash about Samsungs competitors and praised Samsungs products. I actually didn’t think this was real, but apparently it is, which begs the question - Which of you guys are paid by MS and Sony? ;-)

(The article is in danish, but I’m sure you guys have browsers that will jump in to translate)

EDIT: ARGH, I hate making errors in headlines - Its POSTERS, of course…)

We don’t have such laws in the US. Everything goes when it comes to marketing. Occasionally the government will step in and pass a labeling law or clarify the implied warranty of merchantability something, but pretty much it’s the Wild West.

Pew pew!

Samsung also cheats in benchmarks. Anandtech. Methods include not letting the CPU ramp down when a benchmark is detected.

That’s not strictly true. Materially misleading advertising is technically illegal in the US. In practice though, outside of specific cases like medical claims, jurisprudence leans heavily on the side of advertisers and fines are next to unheard of.

Anyway, the Samsung situation reminds me of the time Sony Pictures was caught making up quotes on its film posters. They eventually had to pay $1.5m.

Not true at least on a state level. New York recently fined 19 companies a total of $350,000 for faking glowing reviews of New York businesses.