San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Who’s going? I"ll be there at the Drawn & Quarterly table. Be nice to meet up with any Qt3 folks who are planning to attend…

I’ll be there on Friday. I live in the area so available most any time for a Qt3 dinner.

I’ll be there. Just avoid the “night I run around trying to go to ‘cool’ parties that inevitably end up being to noisy to bother actually going to.” I’ll be busy that night.

I want to go this year, but I’m guessing I’ll end up at the New York one next year instead.

I live here, but I could not get tickets. My son’s still probably too young for it, anyhow.

I’m there with my partner in crime Jamie McKelvie on the Image table.


I will be there. That’s my plans as of now. but money could be an issue so I may sell my tickets.

I’m taking a pass this year. It was fun as a one time experience, but since I’m not a hard core collector, creator or exhibitor it doesn’t make sense for me to do this again.

Dammit, I won’t be making it. Next year, then!

I’ll be there, although I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing. I’ll definitely be at the G4 Star Wars panel on Friday, though, and probably the Gears panel that Sessler’s hosting.

I’ll be at the Warner Bros presentation in Hall H on Friday at 10am, then at the WB booth doing a poster signing for The Book of Eli at the WB booth from 2:45-3:15pm.

Saturday I’ll be on the American Original panel at 5:30pm in room 7AB.

I’ll be there bothering editors, as usual.
I’m now firmly planted in catch-22 territory: They love my writing and my ideas. If only I had a track record…

And I’ll bug Gillen as well, although I think I frighten him.

I will be there as well, visiting buddies and such.

Hey, I don’t want to be overstepping my bounds but there were a couple things I was planning on picking up in San Diego Comic-Con (when I was going) from a few places and I was wondering if anyone would be so kind to purchase them for me (and I will immediately paypal or MO them the cash for shipping and purchases). They’re nothing big, just a sketchbook, a comic from the CBLDF, and a certain indie series that I believe will be sold there. I know how hectic San Diego is but maybe if you were going to visit these booths anyway then, y’know.

Also I have a unsold ticket to San Diego Comic Con for Sunday. It’s a Jr. ticket so maybe you can use it for yourself if you are a young looking male or if you have kids 12-17. Just PM me for it. It’s free for you guys.

I bet you could scalp that Comic-Con ticket for a pretty good price since from what I hear Comic-Con is going to be packed to the gills with pre-teen “Twilight” kids this year.

what’s a girls?

Comic-Con: I’m in it for the Twilight girls.

Better bring your sparkle.

So after the fake fundamentalists embarrassed themselves at E3 for Dante’s Inferno, EA’s marketing whizzes came up with this for Comic-Con.

And for the link impaired:

This will end well.

My kinda Twilight movie…