San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Random photodump from today:

“You are not privy to all the new shit, man.”

Leah C gets attacked by a Fandango bag

Me and Brian Lynch (Angel: After the Fall) at the American Original panel discussing our upcoming comic-book DAYBREAK, which is going to kick all kinds of ass.


Trying to look cool at the American Original panel and failing.

Awesome Bumblebee costume

Elvis Stormtrooper - a Comic-Con institution!

Best T-shirt ever

Still more…

WTF I dunno LOL

Awesome old dude lobster hat

Polyhedral dice. I just liked this picture.

My favorite celeb sighting of the Con - Jeremy from Pure Pwnage!

I spent the day at the con. I loved the panels for Iron Man 2 and Extract. Zombieland is looking good, too; I’ll probably watch it.

Kevin Smith was easily the highlight of the day with his banter with the crowd for an hour and a half, though, despite his not having any footage for his upcoming movie, A Couple of Dicks. Meaning detectives. And even though no stars showed up to talk along with him – no Bruce Willis, no Tracy Morgan – it was actually better than if they had.

My god, there is a Frisky Dingo cosplayer out there…

OMG, you’re right!

I swear that read “One-handed picked winner” the first time I read through it.

Frisky Dongo Co-play, now I’ve seen everything.

Jeff “You’re not the Lord of the Rings” Green at Comic-Con 2009.

Jeff, those little hamburgers are called White Castle Sliders.

Awesome interview!

You know, he’s still got nothing on the cat dude.