San Francisco Dickens Fair

Hey all y’all in the Bay area, do any of y’all go to the yearly Dickens Fair over in Daly City?

I’ve been going for many years now, and I love, love, LOVE it. I’m also going on the Saturday after Thanksgiving if y’all would like to join me. :)


I wonder if we have one of those over here, I do enjoy me some Dickens.

The Dickens Fair is one of those must do things if you’re in the SF area. There are a lot of craft fairs around the holidays, but nothing like it that I’ve found.

That’s how I talk dude.

Pfffft more like the DICK-IN Fair

You wish!

Man I do love me some Dickens Cider. Do they have that at the fair?

— Alan

I don’t remember cider, but that may be because I had quite a few hot buttered rums. Those were delicious.


Asshole. ;-)

Haha, my good friend, say Alan’s post out loud. ;)

My wife and I are seriously considering going this year. Haven’t been before, but have heard so many good things, we feel like we’ve been missing out. If we do, we’d love to meet up w/ folks to say “hello.”

Awesome, hope you can make it!! If so, PM me your # so we can connect once there. :-)

Please tell me you’ll be dressing up as Micawber, Brian.

You know you want to!

Will do!

Wasn’t it Dickens who wrote “Oliver Clothesoff?”

And “David Coppafeel?”

Those do sound good, actually.

— Alan

“A Tale of Two Titties”?

Insert facepalm here.

I’ll be dressing up as myself, dreadful as that is.