San Francisco, Friday June 27, Firefox 3 Release Party

Hi Bay Area people!

My company (and our awesome officemates including the leaseholder Heysan!) is hosting a Firefox 3 launch party this Friday. There will be beer, pizza, a DJ, probably t-shirts, and cool web development people.

It starts at 6:00, and will likely go pretty late. The address is 301 8th st San Francisco. We’re asking a $5 donation at the door. Please post if you think you might show up so I can get some idea of numbers.

It should be a pretty good time, so I hope you local folks can make it!

I installed FF3 yesterday and it’s crashed 6 times so far. FF3 is fired.

WORKS FOR ME!™ Even with FF3 RC1 through RC3, I had zero crashes on three different machines accessing a variety of sites and using IE Tab to view ActiveX enabled pages.

Psst… Firefox 3 launched a week ago. You can still have a Firefox 3 rocks party though.

And setting that aside, having a party for the release of non-entertainment software is kind of weird, unless you’re the developer or something.

“Hey guys! AVG 8.0 is out! Party at my house!”

sounds like a sausage fest… :/