San Francisco great hotels/restaurants?

I’m staying around Union Square at the moment, but if anyone can recommend a good, cheap hotel (100-140) with a good level of comfort, it would be appreciated.

Also, super-duper restaurants. I’ve got to get back to Memphis Minnie’s, but other than that, I’m open.


Le Colonial.

It ain’t cheap, but it’s worth it.

House of Nan King for great cheap chinese

Boulevard at the Embaracadero for pricier eats

The newest Top 100 for the Bay Area came out recently. Lots of good stuff there.

If you like meat, (like big delicious steak and whatnot,) House of Prime Rib is definitely one to try.

Saigon Sandwiches at 560 Larkin Street. Great, cheap Bahn Mi. God I miss this place.

And for breakfast, get yourself to Dotties True Blue Cafe at 533 Jones Street. Get there early, because of the line that forms shortly after it opens.

I’ll second this. I took Denny’s recommendation when I was in San Fran and the food there is freaking incredible.

Haven’t been there for years, but Julius Castle used to be great, at least, for an early dinner. Beneath Coit Tower, looking out across the water as the sun sets and the fog rolls in…

A second vote for House of Prime Rib. My favorite restaurant ever.

On Press Tours, the essential “take the editors for dinner” place for me was always Blowfish Sushi at 2170 Bryant Street.

Best sushi I’ve yet had, and the atmosphere can’t be beat – modern Japanese culture (giant robots and anime) vs. ancient Japanese culture (geishas and bamboo).