San Francisco (-ish) QT3ers

So a couple of my friends have moved away in the last few months, and today the gf turns and says to me, “We need to find some new friends. And we need more people to play Magic with.”

She’s got a point!

It never dawned on my really to see who on QT3 lives nearby. I mean, it’s probably a better-than-average bet that people from here share similar interests.

So how about it? Who lives in San Francisco, or reasonably close by that it’s an easy BART ride or whatever? (we don’t have cars. cars suck)

You sold the black Beetle? Bummer. :(


I live over in Concord, and I work in downtown SF. I don’t play magic, though.

It was actually that purplish-bluish color, which looks dark blue at one angle and sort of purple at another angle.

And yeah, the lease was up just as I was leaving Vermont, so I dumped it. Totally fun little car, though!

Well we’re not necessarily looking for magic players, specifically. Just people with similar general interests to see movies with, go hang out in bars and talk about dork stuff with, play video games with, blah blah blah. Preferably people of roughly the same age or same domestic responsibilities (ie… “hey I live in SF but I have the wife and three kids and seven pets and I never leave home” doesn’t really help me much).

Hehe. Well, my wife and I don’t have any kids, and I’m squarely in my mid 30s.

She doesn’t have much free time at the moment due to working on her second Masters degree. Since she’s pretty much head down for most of the week, I’m pretty much free after work for whatever.

I do BART in to work, however, so that limits my ability to get around SF.

We’re, like, five minutes outside of SF and have several binders full of Magic cards that have been sitting idle for the past five years or so. Don’t do bars, though. Too noisy.

I live in Santa Rosa, think about going to SF, and then realize that I’d have to drive my car, and horrors, park.

Therefore, I say we all meet at the In N Out in Mill Valley.

Sparky! I forgot you and Lars were out this way. We should TOTALLY meet up for some kind of things. Dinner, movie, magic, video games, alcohol abuse…

How old are your magic cards? From back in the days when they had interrupts? Magic has changed a bit, but I don’t know if the big rules changes were like 5 years ago or not.

Bars are good…for drinking and chatting. If you know a cool bar. Otherwise it’s just a huge throng of annoying people.

Fortunately I live in North Beach, and know a couple of good places to tilt a glass without standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a mass of frat boys or something.

XPav - yeah! I’ll just drive on out…wait… um… scratch that. :(

I don’t live anywhere near there, but the magic card thing made me smile. When I was moving in to my new house and unloading the truck I found cards from when I was playing: I found a couple of Beta and Alpha lands and a few unlimited commons. Man, I sort of wish I’d never sold all that stuff because I could totally get a mint for it today.

Really? Are those things worth serious money now? I’ve got a closetful of the things, very close to a complete set of just alpha/betas sitting around in boxes. None of them are in pristine condition though. I was a player, not a collector.

yeah, they can be Nick. When I sold out, years and years ago, I had 45 moxes and 9 black lotii. at the time the moxes were going for like 50 bucks each and the lotii 90 each. nowadays, last time I looked a lotus was like 300+ and moxes were 150+. I don’t know what they’re worth now.

Whoa, you had way more than me. If I recall the contents of my boxes, I’ve only got a couple of each mox and a few lotii. Part of me is now greedily tempted to turn them into immmediate cash, but I suspect if I’ve sat on them this long, I can sit on them a few years longer.

yeah, the thing that probably made me sell mine was the fear of the bottom dropping out. I was a pretty avid player and collector. I was known to scam cards as well.

as a side note, I decided to go look. I think I just made an accident in my pants because of this site: Card Kingdom

a quick recap:
alpha lotus: $1600
beta lotus: $1600
unlimited lotus: $950


man, sell em dude.

Dang, those are high prices. I seriously doubt that I would get that kind of money for cards though. My cards are not in great condition and those are retail prices you listed. I think a dealer would have to buy for much lower than retail to preserve their margins.

I think I’ll sit on them until I have a genuine need for some money.

yeah, why not. if you ever do get rid of them you could do the extremely distasteful act of going to a con or trying ebay.

I’m in downtown Oakland, and I still have all my Magic cards. I don’t really play much anymore, as I’ve, instead, become addicted to Pirates of the Spanish Main.

I’m up for boozing and floozing whenever and however. I’d recommend the Oakland nightlife, mainly because I know all the bartenders thanks to a couple stories I’ve written about Oakland’s night life. Lots of rockabillies, no frat guys, and tons of good, solid, blue collar drinking establishments.

Also, Endgame is over here, and it’s a fabulous game store with lots of playing space.

Of course, North Beach is rad too, especially the Gold Spike!

It’s a trap! They’re swingers looking for fresh meat.

Cool! We have a few ships ourselves, and are always looking for someone to play with. Especially since we’ve only played like, twice, and really don’t know what the hell we’re doing. ;)

Of course, North Beach is rad too, especially the Gold Spike!

PSShh! Gold Spike indeed.

I know, the gold spike is kinda cruddy, but the food is rad, I think. So much better than the touristy crap on Columbus.

tonight, 6 to 8 pm in Oakland, at Endgame: Pirates of the Spanish Main, board game night.

Also, in SF: 7:30 till question mark.

Muddy’s Cafe, 24th and Valencia, in the Mission. Board game night every Friday. (Though by board games, that also includes various card-based games, though not poker, but more like Magic or Apples and whatever that game is called).