Sanctuary: if you thought Margaret Qualley could dance in that Kenzo World video, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

The Qualley is unimpeachable. Everything else about that video is quite peachable. What’s up with all the edits, and the lighting, and the tight shots on her face, and godawful softrock song, and the autistic brother (?) or sulking boyfriend she goes to comfort when the sun comes up? Ugh.

But, man, can she move!

He asks, she replies.

Ah, very good, thanks for the correction!

By the way, Qualley finally met her match. Even with her otherworldly talent, she was undone by that godawful Drive-Away Dolls script. I never thought I’d see the day… : (

I haven’t seen Dolls yet but let’s blame Jack Antonoff.

About half way through Poor Things a new character is introduced, and I thought to myself, that looks like Margaret Qualley. Turns out, sure enough it was, and my mind immediately went “Of course Margaret Qualley would be in this; makes complete sense.”

But she was barely in it! That’s a sequel I want very much.

I am especially embarrassed to not have recognized Qualley, as I spent a good chunk of the film thinking about how much Emma Stone’s performance reminded me of her.

I don’t have any basis for this other than instinct and a deep and abiding appreciation for the movie, but I suspect Yorgos Lanthimos wrote Poor Things for Margaret Qualley, but had to cast Emma Stone based on his working relationship with her and her box office pull.

Just something to think about next time y’all watch Poor Things. : )