Sanctuary RTS - The next Total SupCom Annhilation

Still super early (pre-alpha) and not much info to go on outside of the information from this website:

It hits all the high value points though: Simulated projectiles, large unit counts, huge maps, strategic zoom, flow/flux/streaming economy, and the commander unit.

After watching the interview video on the site,

  • 5 man developer team
  • Particular mindfulness towards good performance / no slow down
  • Funding until December 2021!!! (Kickstarter planned then)
  • Multiplayer is the main focus
  • Campaign mentioned but not the priority (there if the Kickstarter succeeds)
  • Skirmish vs the AI not mentioned, although reading the FAQ suggests it will be there if the Kickstarter succeeds.


lolol that was the exact first thing I thought of.

I guess if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, SupCom should feel flattered.

If you showed me a screenshot of this and said it was from SupCom, I wouldn’t question it for a second.

Given that we haven’t had a Supcom since Supcom, I’m down for something along those lines.

It appears to be a project by Forged Alliance Forever community members, so it doesn’t surprise me that it is real close to SupCom.

Added info to OP. /deleted

On a reddit post I saw mention of 10k units at 140fps with ability to mod a higher unit count. That seems pretty ambitious.

I just want to build giant artillery pieces and shell an enemy base 50 km away. If that is wrong then I don’t ever want to be right.

Pefectly normal. Perfectly healthy.

Anything is possible if you zoom out far enough!

They don’t seem to know what a Dyson sphere is, so let’s hope they at least know how to make a good RTS. ;)

I was gonna post other topics I made towards future potential games but they seem to be long gone.

Things like “every ballistic is simulated in real time” don’t exactly fill me with hope for this.

Par for the course for this type of game since 1997.

In other words, is this a big ask? I mean Tom Chick must obvious hate it since he loved the abomination that was SupCom2 because it owned the people that liked this messy grand marco game!

I think it’s fairly important for games like Supcom. Projectile speed vs speed of units can make a difference, such as using a swarm of fast bots to avoid artillery strikes and things like that. I agree that often stuff like this sets of alarm bells for me but I think in this case there’s an actual gameplay purpose for it.

Is it 64-bit? If not, it won’t be able to do what it wants.

I’m curious as to what engine they are using. There are a number of TA wannabe games out there using the spring engine like Zero-K and Beyond All Reason. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

64 bit: Yes
The engine is Unity. Everyones favorite.

They metioned Zero-K and Planetary Annhihilation in the Interview, but more towards taking some of the mechanics. Like area building for mass extractors.

Hi guys! Sanctuary dev, tatsu here!

Didn’t know about this place before!

If you have any questions ask me 😀

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We are very open about the whole project and we welcome people to come in and partake in the experience of crafting this game with us.

this also means you guys can influence us and give us your feedback. We’re very easy to reach and are a very friendly community.

@roguefrog We are not 5, we are currently 13 check our website’s “The Team” section

@rhamorim we know what a dyson sphere is 😅 in particular we know that such a surface would be so insanly huge that, if anything, it would worsen the problem of flat-earthers, sorry flat-dysoners 😆.
Also a lot of people get this wrong for some reason (probably because of Halo) but on a dyson sphere, you wouldn’t live inside the sphere (with your head towards the sun), you would live on the surface outside (with your feet towards the sun), because that is where you could stick to the surface with 1G gravity without any sci-fi mumbo-jumbo. As for light, simply have portholes dotted around the surface that leak sunlight our and an array of orbiting mirrors reflecting the sunlight back down to the surface. this will allow for interesting looking “suns” in the sky and also interesting lit and unlit shapes on the map. …if it’s the mountainous landscape you’re referring to, you don’t expect humans to want to move house to someplace that’s just pure metal? They terraformed it so it would be more homely. and if you’re simply referring to the ease of just creating a dyson swarm as opposed to a dyson shell, well in this Sci-fi future the humans have elected to go all-out and built it into a pretty thick and robust shell for a pretty good percentage of the whole Dyson sphere surface.
You can check out the pins in the #lore channel of our discord for more.😃

Just as a general thing the FAQ on our website covers 99% of the questions we usually get :

the plan right now is multiplayer-only off of our hard-saved life savings. this will release either way. If the kickstarter, this December, goes through however, it allows for notably all of the singleplayer experiences (AI, Campaign) and a slew of other things. Again the FAQ goes into more detail there.

Hope this helps! 😊

TLDR : join our discord: Sanctuary