Sandwalkers - roguelike turn-based exploration game

Sandwalkers is an upcoming caravan management game by the makers of Legend of Keepers.
You do roguelike runs with caravans of procedurally generated adventurers on procedural maps.

Both graphics and combat basics look similar to Legend of Keepers. Caravan member have distinctive jobs that supposedly “greatly influence the gameplay” options you have. Your travels and decisions do influence future runs and there is a bigger overarching goal of repairing the broken climate.
The pixel art in this is very nice and the backgrounds are gorgeous.

Legend of Keepers was so close to being good for me. I like pixel/drawn art so the excessive style was no drawback for me.
The base design of Keepers was a real downer though, with combat being defined by very intentional attrition and one shot abilities on your team rendering a lot of the monster building moot. I’m hoping the more… protective approach towards caravan members solves that very feelbad issue.

This looks far more interesting than legend of me, but I’m not a fan of dungeon keeper type games.

What makes you think it is a dungeon keeper like game? Looking at the video and screen shots, it doesn’t look anything like dungeon keeper, at least the old bull-frog Dungeon Keeper I am thinking of.

Legend of Keepers is described as a “dungeon manager”. It is focused on mostly the combat though.

It has a demo, which while quite old still shows the basic gameplay.

I’m morally opposed to “Legend of Keepers” solely on the basis of the name.

Me too. I was always stuck playing the keeper when I was younger, because they didn’t trust me anywhere else. Gah. I hated being the keeper.

Yes, they really should have called it Jeepers Keepers.

I’m not sure I understand what a Keeper game is - but this looks like not that? I’m not totally following your comment, to be honest.

I don’t know anything about their previous game, Legend of Keepers, which I only just found out about today and seems like a silly/Dungeon Keeper type of deal with humor - the kind of humor I haven’t enjoyed in games like this since, well, Dungeon Keeper. Or maybe Dungeons of Dredmore.

But Sandwalkers seems like a really cool game, just based on the screenshots and description. I’ll keep it on my radar for sure, thanks @Therlun for putting it there!

I was qualifying the fact that I wasn’t interested in legend of keepers by saying that it wasn’t really my thing to start with.

@Scotch_Lufkin this game looks cool, much more than the previous game I was referencing here

Gotcha - makes sense. I try not to let previous work influence if a studio is coming out with something I will like when they have made things I don’t, but I’m not always successful. See literally everything that has ever come out of Cyanide Studio. :) I will admit Legend of Keeper doesn’t do anything for me, but this one did give me a positive vibe when I first laid eyes on it, and my first instincts like that are rarely wrong (for me).