Sandwiches you have made lately (that are interesting)

Usinger’s bratwurst, out of Milwaukee, are pretty good.

You know, I am tempted now to pick up the ingredients for a turkey Monte Cristo and make that my Thanksgiving dinner.

Needs more braunschweiger! :)

Toasted potato bread plus one pouch of tuna plus one spoonful of dill pickle relish plus a few big squeezes of spicy mayonnaise equals Meghan’s lunch almost every single day.

And sometimes dinner.

Yum! That makes me want to try it now.

Is there anybody out there who has the craving, now and then, for (heart bomb coming) egg sandwiches? I don’t do it as frequently as I used to, but it’s all about cooking the eggs just right, I use a regular Pepperidge Farm Sandwich bread, Hellman’s and will often throw a little spare cheese on there (like a havarti with dill, or maybe baby swiss cheese). I like me some spice so I often throw a few dashes of Smoke on the eggs before I flip them and break the yolks…

Love me some egg sandwich. Those outside of the NJ/PA area may not be familiar with pork roll, the greatest breakfast meat known to man. I have to get friends and family to ship it out to me. Pork roll egg and cheese on an English muffin is my all time favorite breakfast sammy.

No, I am not familiar with pork roll, however, given my proclivities for ham, bacon, sausage and other swine derivatives, I have a feeling I would take to it like a pig in … um … (let’s just say mud, shall we)?

Pork roll/taylor ham is pretty great. No need to get family/friends to buy and ship for you, there are outfits that will do that (not that I needed to use one mind you).

Roast turkey and cranberry sauce on a split white dinner roll.

Turkey reubans yesterday. A holiday tradition in my family.

For breakfast today I had melted velveeta and bacon on a fresh-baked biscuit.

We don’t have any mayonnaise in the house so I’m off to buy some to make turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce sandwiches for lunch.

Why are they heart bombs? I thought that eggs were now officially okay to eat again, and not evil?

Also, as an (original) Wisconsinite, brats to me are grey in color, full of fat, slow cooked, and the cooking likely includes a beer and onion bath.