Santa Clarita Diet - Drew Barrymore's Netflix zombie show


Coming to Netflix on Feb 3.

Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, Liv Hewson, and Nathan Fillion.


Timothy and Nathan?! Sold!


I think the world is finally ready for Zombies on TV. I’m in.


Yeah, as much as nothing else about this appeals to me, I’ll watch Olyphant and Fillion in anything.


I was already sold from the actor list (minus Drew), but from the article the same guy did Better off Ted.


God damned right.


I couldn’t have given less of a crap and the Tim and Nathan appeared on the list and suddenly I’m there.


Holy mother that show was awesome. I’m in!

Nathan Fillion and Timothy Olyphant too!


Full trailer:


Yup, I’m sold.


OK, so it’s got a Little Shop of Horrors vibe. I can get behind that.


There’s not enough time just to watch Netflix’s own series. Its like one every week pops up now.

It is cool how are doing all sorts of different things though. Lemony Snicket last week and now this.


This looks tremendously fun. And such a cast!


I was right, this is tremendously fun. Holy shit, so many great lines!


I’ve watched the first 1.25 episodes making dinner and quite enjoyed it. Olyphant is funnier than I expected, Barrymore too. Love the daughter exploiting the situation, etc. Glad to see the absurdist Better off Ted dynamic going strong, and love that they didn’t dick around getting down to it.


I’ve watched 8 episodes now. What a terrific show. Great writing and very funny. And they keep managing to surprise me. Can’t wait to watch the rest tonight.


I’m not really feeling a pull to keep watching after the first episode.

But based on the positive feedback here, I’ll keep watching.


I liked the first episode but I was howling during the second. Between Drew’s “All night long” insertion into the conversation and the rooster I can’t wait to watch the rest.


Enjoyed this enough that I binged it in two nights and caught myself laughing out loud at least once an episode. My only complaint is I wish Netflix would have less cliffhangers on the things they tell me to watch.


I haven’t seen any full episodes yet, though I have walked in on a few scenes.

My wife watched the first episode and was not impressed. My 15-year-old daughter is binge-watching it and thinks her mother might need to get her head checked. To be fair, my daughter ALSO enjoys watching The Bachelor, so I’m not sure who to trust here.