Sarah Palin, master strategist

Anyone remember when Bush was mushmouthing his way around the nation, making everyone question how he had ever managed a C at Yale?

“He’s a secret genius that is playing the Democrats for fools!” They cried. “They” being my conservative friends. Well, now Sarah gets the treatment:

I do love that we now have “telepalmer” in the lexicon, however.


CARLSON: I think she did it on purpose. I think she did it on purpose, yeah. Because it’s an exact opposite of reading off the teleprompter with a script written for you with every word in a sentence and here’s she’s just taking crib notes on her hand. It makes her look like she can just talk off the cuff and she just jotted down a few couple notes before she went out to give a big long speech.
DOOCY: I think she did it because she probably does it a lot. I do that all the time. [...]
KILMEADE: But to sit there and look at, and do the interview and look down at her hand, I think that is — like you said before, Gretchen — folksy, absolutely, down-to-earth, I can identify. But if you’re going to write on your hand, why not just say, ’staffer, hand me a card.’ And then it would be okay.
CARLSON: Nah, like I said, I think it was on purpose. But anyway, we we may never know.

Heh. They aren’t even trying anymore, are they.

I wonder if they were reading a teleprompter when they said that or if they used hand notes.

Dear God

I don’t think it’s far fetched and I thought about it myself after I got home.

She writes notes on her hand and blatantly uses them, on camera, so there’s no mistaking what she’s doing.

What does this do?

It immediately puts her at the top of every political blog on the internet and gets her onto every news show in existence. Are they mocking her? Sure. But they were anyway. This enrages her enemies and emboldens her supporters and Sarah Palin gets a metric assload of free press and coverage and exposure.

I’m not sure who is the real idiot here.

Ideally, everyone would just ignore her and she would fade into obscurity. But, like Paris Hilton, we just can’t seem to stop talking about her.

She didn’t blatantly use them, somebody zoomed in on a random photo well enough to see it, and it took off from there.

But, just so we’re clear, you’re voting for “Yes, she is a master strategist?”

Heh… Well played, Sarah.

I can’t believe she needs to remind herself to call her mother. She must be a horrible daughter.

She didn’t blatantly use them, somebody zoomed in on a random photo well enough to see it, and it took off from there.

In the middle of a sentence, she looked down directly into her hand for several seconds. It doesn’t get much more blatant then that. She didn’t even try to hide it.

But, just so we’re clear, you’re voting for “Yes, she is a master strategist?”

Somebody on her team is, for sure. If you don’t see this entire incident as completely on purpose, I think you’re deluding yourself.

To be clear, I don’t really care that she wrote notes on her hand, at worst it’s a bit tacky, but the idea that she’s pulling some sort of Jedi mind trick is laughable.


Next up, the Palin has a tiny speaker mounted in her nose and hires Tina Fey to talk for her in public.

Kilmeade just likes Palin because she has pure Alaskan genes. Down here in the lower 48 we mate with other species and ethnics like Italians, Irish, na’vi and badgers, so we have muddied genes.

You mean ‘well played’ as in ‘this will shore up support with her followers who are delusional enough to think she’s being victimised and stupid enough to think this is a clever riposte’ and not ‘ZING! Right back at ya!’ right? If it’s the former, I guess I kind of agree.

Impure! She was born in Idaho (right next to Imaho). Home of the Famous Potato. Wait…potatoe? Arrrrrrghhhhhh, more Republican mind tricks! I need to write that down on my (face) palm so I can always be prepared with the correct spelling!

Why are those things so huge under their jackets? They can’t be just for telecommunication. Perhaps they are spinal-implant remote control devices.

Harbinger: Assuming Control.

So the shadow-government can monitor him, duh.

I’m pretty sure the bulge is an alien creature that has burrowed into his spine.

See, the aliens are slowly infiltrating the governments of Earth in order to make us stupid. Eventually when humans become so foolish they can’t elect rational people to govern the aliens will reveal themselves and eat everyone.

Or, the bulge is part of the bullet-proof clothing the Secret Service made him wear.

I assumed it was one of those aliens from The Puppet Masters on his back.

As I told my wife the other day, whether or not Palin can speak off the cuff with the aid of just a few well-placed notes on her body is irrelevent. It looks extremely unstatesman-like.