SATA CD burner

I bought the missus a new Dell, not realizing that their boards don’t even have an IDE interface these days. So, after much wrangling to get her old data on the new drive, I realize that now I can’t install the CD burner from her old computer either.

Anyone have a recommendation on a inexpensive SATA CD burner, or do I need to go USB?


Lite-On and Samsung make good ones.

I bought this Lite-On recently: works fine, though I haven’t burned anything with it yet.

BTW, did the new Dell not come with a burner?

The free options were DVD player or CD burner, and I had recently bought her a new CD burner, so I figured I’d just get the player. Man, I wish they would list the motherboard specs of their systems.


NewEgg sells a cheep LiteOn and a more expensive Plextor.

I have the Lite-On and it’s good.