Satellite TV delivered to your WiMAX Clearwire Modem

Not only will you be able to to get highly expanded Clearwire coverage nationwide pretty soon but you will also be able to sign up for DirecTV or DISH bundle to get satellite TV broadcast reception directly to your modem. How this works for your TVs, I have no idea, but being able to get an alternative to cable TV when you have no place or proper facing for a dish is great.

Is there a good pending-coverage map for Clearwire? I have looked (not too recently though) and failed to find anything good so far.

But can I get the TV delivered to my computer?

Note that, from what a former coworker said, Clearwire is useless for gaming due to high latency.

AT&T has announced they are not planning on WiMAX adoption and are looking instead at LTE.

Interestingly enough, it seems to be comparable to WiMAX but with “sub-5ms latency for small IP packets.” I don’t know if this means that end users will eventually be able to sign up for this 100Mbit/50Mbit (down/up) theoretical max system for their PCs but one would think that at least laptops will get a card to buy to get the service.

The only downside I suppose is that you have to get your TV via a normal dish with that kind of potential bundle, unless they decide to launch it with IPTV (which is possible, since LTE is “all IP based”.)

I don’t quite see the point to any of this. Just deliver TV over the internet.