Satisfactory: 3D Factorio by the makers of Sanctum

I haven’t even fully delved into the depths of Factorio yet, and another planet-size factory-building game is on the horizon.

It seems to take some design cues from Sanctum, which was one of my favorite-looking games back when it was new. It’s also quite a pretty-looking alien planet, answering one of my complaints about Factorio.

I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on it. There’s a mailing list at the website.

I’m all for more games like Factorio. It looks great, but I have no idea how it’s going to perform once you start getting a big operation going. Definitely keeping my eye on it!

Factorio is like a trigger word for me, thank god it’s not out in EA yet, too busy right now to get sucked into it.

I’ve always wanted to travel to a lush, verdant planet and single handedly turn it into and industrial wasteland!

Doesn’t “first person Factorio” already exist in Fortresscraft: Evolved? This looks just like that game, but with much better visuals and hopefully more polish.

I can’t stay away from Factorio, so I’ll be watching this. However I’m skeptical of taking it 3D–maybe because I think it really harmed Dwarf Fortress.

There’s also “Infinifactory”, which is more puzzle-based than Factorio

While I’m all for competition in this space, to not even mention Fortresscraft:Evolved is a damn shame (at RPS - KevinC mentioned it above). This is more of a copy of that than Factorio even, and FCE is quite good as a 3d-factorio-like (I call it Factorio-like, but pretty sure it or its predecessor existed before Factorio).

This was my reaction watching the trailer too! What are we teaching our kids? I mean, it’s a game, but I’d be more interested in flipping this on its head and trying to engineer an ecology to reclaim a dead planet. There’s no reason why the mechanics couldn’t be simillar, but it’s based on creating life rather than destroying it.

Signed up for the mailing list. I don’t have kids, so I’m gonna destroy the hell out of the game-planet with free abandon.

Yes please!

I felt like that was a great shout out to all the factorio players.

I am the QT3 poster boy for Fortresscraft:Evolved but it’s so disheartening to recommend it and watch people bounce off it. I get why, but damn did I love that game.

Fortresscraft is a good game, its biggest problem is that it is super grindy, even on the fastest mode. I did finally beat it with my only cheating being to change the yield of liquid resin because I was just bored of waiting for it to be mined. I literally had nothing to do but wait for resin and you need a shit-ton of it to build those ridiculously expensive parts for the orbital cannon.

I would love to see someone take fortress craft to the next level. Rebalance the economy, clean up the UI, and add a bunch of scenarios other than flying bugs.

Well, let’s hope that that’s what this game is, and that you find it… satisfactory.

(You’re all dads too, you can’t hurt me!)

Yeah, that scene at the end of the trailer? I’m guessing that’s going to chug like crazy on most people’s PCs.

Wow looks cool!

I remember my friend and me trying to do a green(er) low emission run on Factorio and our other friend just complaining that it was TOO SLOW. WE NEED TO BURN MORE COAL.

This sounds great.

Star Wars: The Gungan Frontier?

That’s a semi-serious recommendation. I remember playing it a bit not long after The Phantom Menace, and I remember it being a half-decent ecosystem simulator.

Something a little more first-person and a little more modern would be pretty cool, though.

That is an awesome idea. Perhaps it could be a scenario added to this game.

well, going green in factory is very common in megabases, at least before the recent update. Solar panels take next to no UPS compared to the other power generation scopes. they just are really really expensive. you can’t start off with only solar panels, you gotta basically have a good base setup first to mass produce them, then switch over