Satisfactory: 3D Factorio by the makers of Sanctum

How do you plan out things in this game considering the 3D aspect? When you decide to optimize seems like it would be harder to know exactly how to place things?

Are there any tools to help or can you zoom out?

You can build a really tall tower and get a bird’s eye view of your layout. That’s about it.

Indeed, they should remove the ability to build more complex items by hand.

This was my biggest personal disappointment with the game during the alpha. I was hoping for a more ‘birds eye’ design view game, not a locked first-person minecraft style. My own fault for not paying more attention prior to the alpha, of course.

I unlocked the final tiers in the game, but I have not actually done the research for the new items. I am not sure I will because the game still has some problems with how you can layout your base.

I tried to do some vertical factory layouts, but they really do need vertical conveyors and ladders. Also the 4 connection limit on power poles is ridiculous.

My biggest bottle-neck in production are the re-enforced iron plates. They craft way too slowly and require far too many screws.

I did find an alternate screw recipe that was a god-send. I think its 12 screws per 2 iron ingots. No longer are those slow-ass rods needed. Still despite this, I can only make like 7 structural frames per minute due to the heavy iron plates slowing everything down. I still craft the motors by hand, although all the components for them are pre-made.

I am not sure if Ill have the patience for the final game if this trend continues.

I found the same bottlenecks, and I’m sure the Dev will adjust the balance of these in future updates. I stopped at the point where I was to supply 500 Iron Frames to the space elevator, as this was taking too long. I did get coal power up and going, and this helped with the power issue I was starting to have (I think I was up to 8 Biomass generators). Having to hand feed those generators was a pain. Coal, once up and going, is very self-sufficient.

I’m in the same boat. Verticality is challenging. I have one building that has a 6x8 foundation dedicated to elevators basically. I do really like the game, and was having fun with it, but I don’t think I will go chase down Oil just yet until a few moire releases are underway. Also, I seriously think the game needs to rethink obstacles because once you clear the 1-2 bad guys near each node, you are pretty much free and clear for the remainder of your game. You are never challenged on your base at all. I would love to see the planet fight back a bit like in Fortresscraft or Factorio. Even if it isn’t exactly like that, there needs to be some kind of adversity periodically.

Current verticle method…

And from the side…

Also, since I am posting… Did you guys know you could do this?

Last one I promise… Reinforced plant:

I finally made it to coal, which turned out to be a bear to get to on the second map. It was all blocked by poison generating plants that required a T5/6 item to get to. So I built an enormous ramp up the side of a mountain. I wanted to use trucks to ferry coal too and from but the ramp is far too steep for the trucks to go up effectively, so back to belts.

Currently trying to setup autopilot between truck stations at the bottom of the cliff, but the correlation between trucks and the pathing nodes seem to have close to zero correlation. Reddit’s suggestion is ‘drive slow and pray’ which isn’t terribly interesting to me. So back to belts.

I do like what I have seen so far, but it needs a bunch of QoL features like Factorio before I will get completely sucked in.

tldr; Will pay premium for Steam.
Epic is no Steam. I wanted to play on my laptop but no streaming unless I add it to Steam. No save sync so I had to copy the files manually. No fps meter so I would need a third party solution. I have 14 invites that keep popping up from rando people (if it’s not random let me know and I will accept). I already own Oxenfree, on Epic, but they won’t stop telling me it’s available. And so on.

What is this second map you speak of?!

On the new game selection screen you can pick from three different maps. I chose the middle one.

Oh, three starting options. Same map. :(

I never figured out where the desert area was or how to get there from the grass plains starting area.

Heh, really? I didn’t know that. So it’s not different maps but just a different starting area of the same map?

In regards to truck auto pilot, I found that I had to run the circuit between my two truck depots a few times to get the best path, then recorded it. I turned “show path” on so I could see that it was a decent route, and it worked fine for me.

Ummm what?

So game goes EPIC timed exclusive, sales are horrible, piracy runs rampant.

At this point I think more copies were given away to streamers and influences than to people who actually bought the game.

I had no idea the Epic Megastore actually offered refunds. One less reason to hate their guts.

As for those weird tweets, I can’t help but feel they’re jokes or something. I know I’m dense enough not to be able to tell the difference. Their tweets alone are getting 1k upvote heart things, so somebody is paying attention to the game. At least Epic is making up the difference in lost sales (or whatever, I don’t fucking know).

And with statements like that I have a hard time believing they’re that bad off.

In other news, I didn’t realize the game could be so easily pirated. Maybe they could implement some sort of copy protection.

I figured Fortnite players would adore Satisfactory since they love building shit in an unfinished game, so this store should be the perfect venue for this title.

Oh, this explains the weird tweets.

Yeah, weren’t there almost nine people in this thread alone who have tried it?

There’s no way they’ve only sold 9 copies. They’re just whining about piracy, and using ridiculous exaggeration to do so. Sales aren’t what they likely want, so they’re throwing a temper tantrum.

Are we supposed to feel bad for them? They took the cash payoff, they don’t need customers.

I’ve rarely seen a dev I liked burn through my goodwill so fast, I’ll say that much.