Satisfactory: 3D Factorio by the makers of Sanctum

Picked this up in the sale and this was exactly my experience. Seems like such a weird design decision to have this be your introduction to the game. Maybe survival crafter types expect this sort of thing and would be disappointed if it wasn’t there? But for me it was just frustrating and confusing and meant I wasted half an hour and ending up restarting the game.

It’s probably an artifact of being in early access more than a conscious design decision. I was fortunate to not have a similar issue when I started. There weren’t a lot of the aardvark things that rush at you at my starting location. For the one I did encounter jumping out of the way and swinging wildly when it charged worked to defeat it.

So is this like Factorio in that can draw the attention of critters and have to defend yourself? Or is more just the occasional wildlife that might give you problems as you explore?

The latter. Resource nodes usually have a couple of critters guarding them. Once you eliminate them it’s free and clear forever AFAIK. Jungles and caves often have some wandering and patrolling critters; I don’t think there is any respawning at all.

But it’s clearly a design decision to have those critters there at all. And I don’t really understand why (at least for the entry level resources - I can understand using them to gate content). It’s not like it’s introducing you to the idea that the world is dangerous a la Factorio. I’ve played on for several hours since then and haven’t encountered another critter. It’s just an annoying difficulty spike right at the beginning for no good reason.

Basically I think they are mini gates to resources, i.e. you encounter one typically at each Iron hub and copper hub. Incidentally I defeat these easily by just hiding behind the Iron rock that protrudes. They run into it, and you run and whack em with your bug stick.

I am hoping the creatures actually get a bit of a rework but you do keep encountering tougher versions as you move up the resource chain. The ones guarding oil for instance can be formidable.

United States occupying military forces?

It’s the conundrum of having wide genres to describe games. It’s still a survival game, but on the edge of those that don’t (and shouldn’t) rely on being on the brink of death. I’m sure they’ll get around to it. Despite me sounding overly harsh a while ago about the game, it’s still fairly early. As long as they understand how big the task is to make the final version not annoying, it seems they’ll be able to make a great game out of this.

Fortunately you do get better weapons. I first went searching for oil when I just had the Xeno Basher. There was much dying. I returned with the Rebar Gun with made things a lot easier.

I don’t think there’s a timer on the stuff left behind when you die. Rather than run right to it you can grab enough resources to build a equipment bench and a weapon first. Though yeah, if you die even before you can clear an iron node might as well just restart.

Though I’m not sure I don’t think all the nodes in the starting area had monsters guarding them. I only recall running into one critter during the tutorial phase and that was after I had put my hub down and had a portable miner on a node already.

So, I finally got coal power up with automated coal transport. Is now a good time to tear everything down and rebuild it all efficient like?

yeah, steel is usually about when I get serious =)

I just kept laying new foundations and building new factory sections. I’ve done some editing here and there for when I needed more iron bars vs plates and things like that but I still haven’t done a full tear down of my original iron producing and processing area.

Joke confirmed. Coffee Stain published real sales numbers today: 507,374 at this point. That seems pretty good to me.

Damn. Good for them and good to see funding it through launch likely won’t be an issue.

Who would thought! It was totally realistic they only sold 9 copies!

Oh yeah: /s

Indeed, most impressive for an early access game!

This is a quick note to advise of a giveaway on QT3 (only one copy available) for those who don’t have a copy of Satisfactory already: Giveaway thread

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Trains and nuclear power plants added:

Patch notes here.

This is so funny it makes me want to buy the game:

FICSIT inc. proudly present a brand new update with a bunch of cool new stuff, such as Trains and Nuclear Power Plants. Choo! (Only 1 choo allowed. 2nd choo is DLC.)