Satisfactory: 3D Factorio by the makers of Sanctum

I actually largely agree (particularly about the developer being able to plan progression), if not for two things:

  • This game isn’t Subnautica. It may be channeling a little of it, but it lacks the warmth and story of that game – and the terrain in Subnautica was part of the story. In this game, the terrain is just something to conquer.
  • The terrain in Satisfactory, to me anyway, never really reach the highs of “wow, that’s cool!” I find that the landscape comes off as a little generic and plain.

The idea is that with a lot of mods, the mods could modify the terrain a lot. Of course it will fundamentally be the same world. I do not mean to imply that it will rise to the heights of mine-craft, however, with heavy modding it could get a tremendous amount of game-play.

I find that bespoke maps usually get boring quickly, they are not some lovingly, handmade work of genius but often little better than random maps, and are often just done out of laziness rather than put together a good procedural generator.

I literally cannot remember a game where I have ever said, “Gee, this handcrafted map is so awesome, I’m glad there’s no procedural generator.”

Fair, but the reason I put down Satisfactory until it’s more nearly done is because I came across two or three breathtaking vistas and didn’t want to spoil the rest of them in early access.

None of those are even remotely close to Satisfactory or any other sort of strategy game. You might as well listed movies and TV shows too.

Well, it’s relevant because it is relevant to me.

You have some weird bug up your ass about this and need to score internet points, so I’m done with you on it. Goodbye.

Really? Not GTA 5 or RDR 2? Not BotW? Not even a good Farming Sim map?

I seriously have no idea how you can talk about maps in games like Factorio and Satisfactory then make some comparison relating to Red Dead Redemption.

It’s almost like if someone were talking about Skyrim and you brought up tennis.

Spoiling a game in EA is something I’ve done too many times.

this is not usually what resource management gamers want out of a game. they want to continually upgrade and evolve their factory or network in some way. There is no reason to keep doing this in satisfactory, so your factory just falls to waste. it need an endgame loop to keep you playing. Factorio rockets and research system accomplish this. there are also mods to greatly extend the normal loop.

Point taken, and optimisation and extending the gameplay is great, but gaming is a broad church. I was happy to call Factorio complete when I launched the rocket, and I don’t see a huge difference between that, and whatever the last step currently is in Satisfactory.

I’ll go back to Factorio at some point to try out Bob and Angel’s mods, if they’re still around, but I’m happy to have ticked the ‘complete’ box for now.

I’m just trying to make the case that this game also offers something for completionists or those who seek closure, as well as the tinkerers and optimisers.

hah, i guess, i figure launching a rocket is actually just like finishing the tutorial for the game. the real game is in making mega factories and in doing bobs mods. after playing bobs mods, the base game felt way too fast, and all the interesting setups you can learn aren’t fully explored or utilized. Bobs is so long and complex that you’re forced to use every trick and organization tactic you used.

satisfactory has no mod support (its early access so i cant fault them too much), and once you research everything, your factory doesn’t have a purpose beyond looks. I guess I see your point, but I usually buy and play games that can be played and refined continually for many hundreds of hours. I do see it getting more like factorio over time, and there are many options for an end game in satisfactory… they could have it be something like oxygen not included where you have to explore other planets, or send supplies to other places via the space elevator etc.

Life’s too short. After watching Angel+Bob’s completely break Quill18, I realized there can be too much of a good thing. And then I found out about Cosmos2Cosmos, dear lord.

That’s a bit harsh, procedural generators (specifically for maps) are known serial-killers of otherwise good game ideas. But, yeah, some sort of randomness to the progression would increase my interest a fair bit (although I haven’t kept up much).

Yeah, it was exaggerated for effect in response to something silly.

to be fair, I don’t do it without some mods… like long reach, train logistics mods… but damn, once you get into it, nothing can beat the sheer madness of a bobs run.

Has anyone played the desert map? Not the experimental one, but the other one.
I started on it and then got to the level of coal. Then when I pinged coal, it was all super far away in other biomes. I even built a ramp, which took a good while, made it over some mountains, through radation and monster, and still it was then down the other side in a valley somewhere. Is there some coal spot I missed that didn’t require a huge effort to get to? I just ended up restarting into the grassy plains biome (the first one), because I know coal isn’t too hard to get there.

Yep live on Steam now, so is there an end game goal for this? Do you launch a rocket or what?

No end game goal yet. You just progress to unlock techs, so I guess you can view that as a goal. I never had much use for the end game techs like trains or nuclear power plants.

There has to be more to the game than just delivering goods to some overlords, until then this is just not really a game imho.