Satisfactory: 3D Factorio by the makers of Sanctum


I felt like that was a great shout out to all the factorio players.

I am the QT3 poster boy for Fortresscraft:Evolved but it’s so disheartening to recommend it and watch people bounce off it. I get why, but damn did I love that game.


Fortresscraft is a good game, its biggest problem is that it is super grindy, even on the fastest mode. I did finally beat it with my only cheating being to change the yield of liquid resin because I was just bored of waiting for it to be mined. I literally had nothing to do but wait for resin and you need a shit-ton of it to build those ridiculously expensive parts for the orbital cannon.

I would love to see someone take fortress craft to the next level. Rebalance the economy, clean up the UI, and add a bunch of scenarios other than flying bugs.


Well, let’s hope that that’s what this game is, and that you find it… satisfactory.

(You’re all dads too, you can’t hurt me!)


Yeah, that scene at the end of the trailer? I’m guessing that’s going to chug like crazy on most people’s PCs.


Wow looks cool!


I remember my friend and me trying to do a green(er) low emission run on Factorio and our other friend just complaining that it was TOO SLOW. WE NEED TO BURN MORE COAL.

This sounds great.


Star Wars: The Gungan Frontier?

That’s a semi-serious recommendation. I remember playing it a bit not long after The Phantom Menace, and I remember it being a half-decent ecosystem simulator.

Something a little more first-person and a little more modern would be pretty cool, though.


That is an awesome idea. Perhaps it could be a scenario added to this game.


well, going green in factory is very common in megabases, at least before the recent update. Solar panels take next to no UPS compared to the other power generation scopes. they just are really really expensive. you can’t start off with only solar panels, you gotta basically have a good base setup first to mass produce them, then switch over


I would honestly really enjoy a game with that premise.


I didn’t see until now, but the developers have been doing some Youtube updates recently:


Removed from STEAM, now to be an EPIC game store exclusive.


Between this and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, I might actually be installing the Epic store.


Ug. I was hoping to ignore the Epic store and trying to pull off exclusives only makes me want to do it more. But Rebel Galaxy AND Satisfactory?


I don’t respond well to developers trying force a platform delivery on me, I simply refuse to play along, and the reason you’re doing it is completely irrelevant to me. You and your game simply become dead to me.

This is no different than only releasing your game on xbox/PS4, never going to buy those either.


I’m getting a little irritated myself. I’m glad they can get a bigger cut but give me an incentive to shop at your store of choice, don’t force it on me.


Yeah, platform wars have never been for the benefit of the customer, plus I have zero interest in doing business with Tencent.


I calmed myself down by remembering the devs get a larger cut of the profits. For smaller devs like Coffee Stain and Double Damage that can mean the difference between life and death for the studio.

But I didn’t realize Tencent had bought 40% of Epic. Right back to pissed, thanks!


I hate this crap. I wish people would compte by simply being the best platform, not through exclusives. I suppose, when satisfactory comes out, ill buy it on the epic store.

However, having said what I said, I do want to support epic simply because I think the 30% cut steam takes is outrageous.


Yup. I adore Coffee Stain (Sanctum 1 and 2 are huge favorites of mine) and was looking forward to this one, but I hate this crap and I may skip the game entirely because of it. Show me that the Epic games store gives me ownership of, and control over, my games and maybe we’ll talk, but until then it’s just Steam clone #3534.