Satisfactory: 3D Factorio by the makers of Sanctum

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they develop this game at a glacial pace

Yea I know. It’s annoying.

Oh wait, are you saying they’re making a joke about that fact?

no, I’m surprised they still don’t have any info about the next update except for something like this, I mean its been like 10 months lol

I just want them to put in really good modding support. Then the community can make and actual game out of it.

Can anyone confirm that the Steam version of this still requires an Epic log in?

No Epic account or login required.

Epic Online Services FAQ

Heya! Just wanted to share some clarification on some of the questions we’ve been getting regarding EOS!

What is Epic Online Services (EOS)?

Epic Online Services is an open set of tools and services that help game developers and publishers build their games. We use EOS to establish all peer-to-peer network connectivity between players regardless of firewalls or router setups across platforms. Using these tools also enables us to allow cross-play between the Steam and Epic versions of the game.

Do I need to have an Epic Games Account to connect to EOS?

No. No extra accounts are needed to be set up.

Will an Epic Games Account be created for me if I play online?


By using EOS, what information do I share from my account?

The only data that is accessed is your public Steam ID.

Will this install or require an install of Epic Games Launcher on my Computer?


What does making an EOS connection mean?

To play online in Satisfactory you will need to connect to EOS either by using your public Steam ID, or optionally share the EOS connection between your steam ID and Epic Games Account.

No matter what option you pick you will always be able to find and play with your steam friends, and play cross-play via an in-game session ID.

If you choose to share the EOS connection between your steam ID and Epic Games Account you can be online on both accounts at once. Meaning, You will in addition to seeing your steam friends also be able to find your Epic friends and be able to join them in-game.

I want to unlink my account from EOS! How do I do that?

Please use the following form to contact us to unlink your accounts found here[].

Can I disable the EOS Connection if I just wanna play single-player?

Yes! You can add the launch argument: -NoMultiplayer to the game to disable all multiplayer related connections.

You can set launch options by right-clicking on the game in your library and set it under Properties > General > Set Launch Options

Why didn’t you use Steamwork for connectivity?

Using steamworks to handle connectivity in the Steam version would also require us to maintain and bug track two completely different systems. Which would make progress slower for everyone and make new features slower to develop. It’s also not open for cross play, as it does not let players from other platforms play with anyone on Steam.

But one has to connect one’s Steam account to an Epic service. Yeah, that’s a dealbreaker (if not for me, certainly for the friends I was hoping to play it with). Thanks for the clarification.

You know what, nevermind. Nothing to see here

To my understanding the connection to Epic is completely optional and only required if you want to play with Epic players. I play on Steam and have no interaction with the Epic service.

That wouldn’t be an issue, then. Thanks!

It might not even be necessary then. I have it on Epic and my friends have it on Steam, and we’ve never needed to interact with the other service to play together, as long as we’re willing to send session IDs back and forth.

I can’t reconcile these answers with what a friend of mine is telling me, which is that he can’t access multiplayer in the game without linking Steam with an Epic Online account (not an EGS account).

Couldn’t you just buy it and refund it if it turns out that it won’t work out for you? Steam allows you to refund any game with less than 2 hours played for any reason or no reason at all. I refund like 5 games a month that I’m interested in but I don’t click with. Never had them ask a question or had to wait longer than a few hours for the refund to process.

That’s what I’d do.

This game has its hooks into me bad. Like 180 hours so far this month. I started it just after the new year.

I got through T7, built a train across the entire map, then decided to start another game, this time in a different location, taking all those things I learned before.

I can’t believe this is EA for how solid it is.

Been holding out for Update 4 myself, I’m really looking forward to playing it again though!

Is there a timeline for update 4?

Awhile back they said they were aiming for Q1 2021. But I haven’t been following extremely closely so there may be a more recent date set. They’ve shown a lot of the new features in-game so it feels like an attainable goal to me but that’s the best info I’ve got.

I’m so hesitant on Early Access games, just because if if I sink my teeth into it now it is unlikely I’d get back to it on release.

I’ve been tempted several times to jump into EA, but I’m still (somewhat) patiently waiting for release.