Satisfactory: 3D Factorio by the makers of Sanctum


I don’t respond well to developers trying force a platform delivery on me, I simply refuse to play along, and the reason you’re doing it is completely irrelevant to me. You and your game simply become dead to me.

This is no different than only releasing your game on xbox/PS4, never going to buy those either.


I’m getting a little irritated myself. I’m glad they can get a bigger cut but give me an incentive to shop at your store of choice, don’t force it on me.


Yeah, platform wars have never been for the benefit of the customer, plus I have zero interest in doing business with Tencent.


I calmed myself down by remembering the devs get a larger cut of the profits. For smaller devs like Coffee Stain and Double Damage that can mean the difference between life and death for the studio.

But I didn’t realize Tencent had bought 40% of Epic. Right back to pissed, thanks!


I hate this crap. I wish people would compte by simply being the best platform, not through exclusives. I suppose, when satisfactory comes out, ill buy it on the epic store.

However, having said what I said, I do want to support epic simply because I think the 30% cut steam takes is outrageous.


Yup. I adore Coffee Stain (Sanctum 1 and 2 are huge favorites of mine) and was looking forward to this one, but I hate this crap and I may skip the game entirely because of it. Show me that the Epic games store gives me ownership of, and control over, my games and maybe we’ll talk, but until then it’s just Steam clone #3534.


I got an email saying I’m getting a key for this weekend’s pre-early-access alpha, so I guess I’ll get to take a closer look at it before it comes up for purchase in a week or two.


This has been on my Steam wishlist since forever. Looking forward to it finally going live. Just got the same email for the alpha. Looking forward to testing it out.



Cool trailer.


I got a key for this too. So excited. I’ve been waiting for this game since it announced. If it can replicate the complexity and absolute craziness of Factorio…


Wondering how well it will work replay wise with the world being handcrafted instead of generated like factorio.


I predict it will run terribly. I want to be proven wrong, and if I am, I’ll go out and buy two copies.


I’ve been a part of the alpha for a couple of months. I can’t say more than that until tomorrow because we’re under strict NDA, but definitely check it out this weekend if you’ve got a code. I’ve put a couple of dozen hours in.


If I pre-purchase it right this moment, does that get me a code to get in this weekend? Or am I out of luck until early access?


I got an email that said I had been selected for the alpha this weekend, but so far I do not have a code or any option to install / preload the game yet.


Buried in the email is this:

More information and your key will arrive when it starts.
We hope you’ll enjoy the alpha test weekend


NDA lifted. Weekend alpha open.

It doesn’t run terribly. I have an 8 year old system with minor upgrades and have no problems running it at high settings. That said, it did crash somewhat often (every couple of hours) during the earlier days of the alpha, but the dev team has been ironing that out.

This game is more goal-oriented than Factorio. Eventually, on full release, there’s supposed to be an end-goal to work towards. But even in the alpha, with only a few tiers of available upgrades, there’s dozens of hours there during a single playthrough. This game is the real deal. Resources are spread out, so you have to build at multiple sites and set up transportation networks with truck depots and eventually train networks. Production chains are detailed and require endless optimization and fiddling. (And they manage to make the optimization and fiddling fun, not tedious.) You have to explore and research the native ecology. The way they’ve handled overclocking and production capacities on individual factories is pretty awesome. You can dial in exactly your production speed based on inputs and available power. And you can build in 3D… make your factory chain vertical. It’s pretty awesome.

When you first build a space elevator and see that massive structure towering over the landscape… The scale of the game is like candy for production gamefans. It’s very satisfying to build something just because of how large everything is, the sounds it makes as it unfolds, and the solidity of it all.

Also, Coffee Stain is awesome. Their Youtube channel is really good. And they’re very responsive to concerns. Their Discourse channel is a great resource if you get stuck. And the game has a ton of personality. I love that the player character is a beefy looking woman in grimy overalls.


  • The UI was still a tiny bit clunky when I last played it, but they’ve been iterating on that for months and I expect it’ll keep tightening up all the way to release.
  • It’s not a finished game. It still crashes sometimes. There’s very little narrative to the game, and there are features still unavailable.


  • It’s just about everything you imagine it could be. It looks great, runs great, and is a ton of fun.

I’ve already pre-ordered the game. Check it out this weekend if you’ve got a key.


Somehow this one missed my radar. Given my recurring Factorio addiction, sounds like this is going to be a must have.


This really can’t be overstated. The evolution of Sanctum 2 from its initial (deeply meh) state to the fantastic game it became was really something to behold, and was all down to them being responsive to issues and working their asses off. They’ve pretty much got a free pass with me as developers at this point. I wish to hell Satisfactory wasn’t an Epic exclusive or I’d have already pre-ordered.