Satisfactory: 3D Factorio by the makers of Sanctum

Yeah, it was exaggerated for effect in response to something silly.

to be fair, I don’t do it without some mods… like long reach, train logistics mods… but damn, once you get into it, nothing can beat the sheer madness of a bobs run.

Has anyone played the desert map? Not the experimental one, but the other one.
I started on it and then got to the level of coal. Then when I pinged coal, it was all super far away in other biomes. I even built a ramp, which took a good while, made it over some mountains, through radation and monster, and still it was then down the other side in a valley somewhere. Is there some coal spot I missed that didn’t require a huge effort to get to? I just ended up restarting into the grassy plains biome (the first one), because I know coal isn’t too hard to get there.