Saturday Night Live: Season 342343414


Yep, great episode. I feel like Karmin’s performances complimented Zooey in a way.


The Quirky with Zooey Deschanel sketch was hilarious, especially with Abby Elliott playing Zooey and Zooey playing Mary-Kate Olsen. And that’s before I even mention that Taran Killam was killing it as Michael Cera, and Kristen Wiig as Bjork was just the icing on the cake.

And Nicholas Cage is in the Cage was brilliant.


High praise indeed.


This last episode was kinda meh, although the radio show, butt-dialing and rude Buddah sketches were all right.
And how does a not-yet-26-year-old Lindsay Lohan already look as bad as she does? The woman has the beginnings of jowls ffs! Did she get her lips plumped or something, too? Ugh.


Maya Rudolph as Maya Angelou was my favorite sketch of the season. I Know Why the Caged Bird Laughs!


The Real Housewives of Disney was hilarious.


Hard living takes its toll.

On topic: It seems like the show is becoming a Bill Hader/Kristen Wiig vehicle. If they don’t know what else to to, they send Bill out to do a weird character (even though his Shepard Smith doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the actual Fox News guy), or let Wiig go mug for the camera to chew up time until the end of the show.

This particular show’s skits felt like leftovers that couldn’t make the cut for shows with better hosts. I’ve never seen a less inspired Digital Short. And Lohan couldn’t even convincingly deliver lines [B]as herself[/B].


It was amazing, how bad she was bumbling over the cue cards while reading descriptions of her own movies.

I thought the show overall was pretty good, but it was definately despite her efforts.

And I liked the Shepard Smith-by-way-of-Norman Bates opener. But then I like it when they take celebrity impressions into weird directions. Hader’s Carville bit was pretty good as well. “Now it doesn’t matter why, but I am friends with some alligators!”


Mark my words: if Lindsay lives another 10 years it’ll be a miracle.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Bill Hader.

But I wonder what someone who (1) had not previously watched Shepard Smith before the skit, (2) was made curious about Smith as a result, and then (3) actually watched Smith’s newscast would think. I’m guessing a huge WTF moment, ending with a realization that Hader was way off on his own comic journey.

Also, Splitsider suggests that Lohan brought her lawyer to story meetings and that SNL allowed her to vet skit ideas. That can’t have helped the funny.


That actually was my reading of it. I’ve seen Smith before, maybe a dozen or so times, but if there was a basis for the mother gags, I missed it. Does he talk about his mom a lot on his show? I dunno - I just assumed Hader was taking the accent and dragging it into Psycho territory. I’ve actually been sort of waiting for them to do something along those lines with Romney/Patrick Bateman, so maybe I was predisposed to liking a skit like that.

And I didn’t know that about Lohan and her lawyer (also, now I know who the 5th Romney son was - that was bugging me). Since they were lawyers, screening and not writing the skits, I wonder if it had something to do with her probation, and making sure she doesn’t get into even more trouble.


That was worth watching on Hulu. Thanks.


Jonah Hill was very good. The episode was pretty funny. Way, way better than that horrible Lindsey Lohan episode.


I’d have to agree – although Jonah Hill brought very little to the table.

I always know a show is good if I’m giggling about it days later. “He say it not racism if it true.”


That Lisa Minelli skit was awful. Awful. Comedy poison. Wiig should be fined for doing such a lazy, self-indulgent, humorless bit.

And who really gives a damn about Lisa Minelli anymore?


Obviously not someone who doesn’t know that it’s Liza Minelli, and not “Lisa.”

But, yes, it was a horrible skit. It’s another in a long line of “put Wiig on the stage, she’ll do something funny,” lazy writing bits.


Agreed on the Liza Minelli sketch. It’s just another (even lazier) version of the Secret Word sketch, which is the same stupid gag every time.
The Talking Ape sketch had me in stitches though.


Yeah, the Liza Minelli sketch I had to fast forward through. When she didn’t reach the lamp the first time, I couldn’t take it anymore.


I loved Bill Hader losing his shit during the news.


Yeah, that was great.