Saturday Night Live: Season 342343414


Yeah, those were both really touching. Kate McKinnon is too good for Saturday Night Live. I wish she’d hurry up and leave to start her successful movie career.



Speaking of which…


I also enjoyed the Walking Dead scene a lot. That was also cathartic for me. That’s the episode after which I stopped watching the show, so it was pretty cool to see that episode played for laughs. Btw, Dave Chapelle made a great Neegan. His way of speaking and his hair style, costume were all spot on.


I didn’t know where to share this, but since there are a bunch of SNL alums on the panel, I’ll stick it here.

Ever since I watched this clip last night, the last couple of jokes Mulaney delivers have had me giggling uncontrollably every time this crosses my mind. I think I’ve watched it 10 or 12 times.


Their “Too much Tuna” skits were hilarious on the Nick Kroll show.


PERSON OF INTEREST in the Disappearance of Donna Sterrrrn.

I don’t care if this remains my own personal, secret, inside joke of 2016. It’s so good.


Melissa Mcarthy is killing it as Sean Spicer. So perfect.

I wonder how much Kristen Stewart will get into for saying Fuck on live TV. That’s the first time I’ve heard that on the show I think.

Edit: I couldn’t understand a word that “Ortiz” said on Weekend Update.


Looking forward to seeing MM tonight (I’m on the West Coast). As far as the trouble for letting out an F-bomb, Jenny Slate did as part of a sketch in her one and only season but she was a cast member. I guess she and the show may be fined.
(Especially now that the FCC’s job has reverted to killing public broadcasting and keeping naughty words off of TV/radio. God forbid they hold the telecom monopolies’ feet to the fire to better provide reasonable and inexpensive internet access.)


Not understanding Ortiz is part of the joke.

Thanks for mentioning the Spicer bit. I don’t always watch SNL, but this episode was pretty strong. K Stew can be hit or miss for me, but she did a good job.


I think the first SNL F-bomb was by Charles Rocket back in '81.

He was canned after that although some sources say they were going to can him anyway because ratings sucked. His career suffered as a result with him landing only minor supporting roles on tv and film. On another forum I frequent a user was working on a a commemorative book on SNL featuring interviews of former cast members and about a week before he was going to interview Charles, Charles killed himself by ramming a knife into his jugular leaving behind a wife and son.

Shame for humanity that Kristen’s f-bomb won’t end her acting career.


I always heard Paul Schaffer had that honor.

As for the show, it’s not often that Mugabe gets a hearty round of applause.


Yeah. That was one of the best sketches in years. She is always the absolute best at Improv and sketch comedy. My favorite since Farrell left to work on movies. She is always super ridiculous, super physical, and never breaks character. So good.

Rumor has it that Rosie O’ Donnell, whom the prez loves so dearly, has reached out to play Steve Bannon in a future sketch. God… please let that happen. It is all I ask.


Oh man, imagine Trump’s apoplectic reaction. To be a fly on that wall…


Melissa McCarthy brings yet another Sean Spicer performance. I didn’t think that it could have been better than the first one, but… she is Melissa McCarthy. I just about lost my drink when she was naming off other fictional terrorist attacks “the night they drove old dixie down” got me.

Other than that, the show was solid up until Weekend Update, the only real good sketches were the political ones, and there were a lot of them. Kate McKinnon going all Glenn Close via Fatal Attraction on Jake Tapper was a highlight. I also enjoyed the Cheetos ad sketch as well. Black History month candy was also pretty good.

Loved it.


Loved the Fatal Attraction send-up, although that part will be lost on anyone under 35, I think. The last bit was too awesome.

And the Black History Month chocolate box one was funny but also horrifying. I don’t doubt that some marketing idiot has actually pitched an idea like that.

I loved that Melissa/Spicer’s lectern was new and improved at the end. :-)


My favorite was definitely the Cheetos ad Sketch and the Black History month chocolate.

I haven’t seen Fatal Attraction, and I just found that one disturbing.


While I was thrilled to see McCarthy’s return as Spicer, the skit copied too many of the funniest jokes from the prior week, so it didn’t work that well for me. Ironically though, the highlight for me was the upgraded podium.

I also think there should have been other questions addressed before Spicer finally settled on problem-child/rival ‘Glen’, for pacing reasons. They just jumped right in to Spicer’s digs at him and it gave us nothing to contrast it with until the later, less interesting press interactions took place.

I also found McKinnon’s bit near the end of the skit forced, and dare I say unwelcome.

Here’s to hoping Spicer gives them more to work with in the coming days.

Oh, and Weekend Update, such terrible deliveries all around, my god.


Yeah, Weekend Update has been a real letdown for me, given how much material they have available.

I loved the Conway-Tapper bit, plus the podium this week.


Am I the only one who finds Baldwin staring at the teleprompter to read his lines during his skits annoying. And the stupid army skit…I went to bed then,


I loved the use of the Moana doll.

I think it is tough for most people to watch SNL though, because we only remember the really good sketches, and forget the ones that just fill time.

I really liked the idea of Leslie Jones playing Donald Trump, and the continued offscreen “romance” of her and Kyle Mooney. I know that Vanessa Bayer could do a great job, but Leslie Jones sure would be interesting. I loved the other cast member’s reponses to it, “Is this a Hamilton thing?”.