Saturday Night Live: Season 342343414


I’m not a fan of his Trump. It doesn’t have nearly the impact or entertainment value that Fey’s Palin had.

Maybe I just find Trump unfunny in general, because I pretty much stopped laughing at him last June.


Oh right! Forgot the Jones one. That was excellent also. Being portrayed by multiple women, including Jones, must just destroy his ego.


Pretty sure that’s exactly why they did it. And they had her fooling even Melania, just to twist the knife a little.

Also, Kate McKinnon playing Jeff Sessions.

“We all know there are two kinds of crime. Regular, and black.”


Yea it’s hard to laugh at Hitler jokes when he’s still running around destroying people’s lives and your country.


So last night episode had a band called The Chainsmokers. The somehow manage to sound both like Coldplay and 21 Pilots and M83. In fact, they sound a LOT like M83. I really loved their set last night, so I’m checking them out on Spotify right now. I love that their music reminds me a lot of 90s Pop.


I usually skip or ignore the music portion of the show but ended up rewinding their first performance because it actually caught my attention. They LOOK like a bunch of hipster d-bags but certainly have a little something-something going on.


I actually found myself sitting through the whole first song, and it wasn’t unlistenable, so I’m going to listen to the other one. With very few exceptions I skip the musical act as well, or give the track at most a minute to grab me, because it’s some flavor-of-the-month band that turns out to be a one hit wonder (and there have certainly been a number of those over the years–anyone remember The Fixx from the '80s? They appeared on SNL–once–to sing their one hit “One Thing Leads to Another”).
The Vintage repeat (with Derek Jeter of “Derek Jeter’s Taco Hole”) from 2001 had Shakira as its musical act–now that I can get behind–catchy song, and that woman could work it.

Of course the main reason I tuned in last night was Louis CK’s appearance as host. Some really bizarre stuff last night. Loved the birthday clown sketch most of all, but definitely could have done without the sectional sofas bit.


Ha. yeah, I really dislike the Chainsmokers, as they do sound a lot like the 80/90s synthwave pioneers from 5 years ago… which is the problem. It is kind of a less well done and less novel version of what M83 was doing.

They are just… bland.


Yeah, I didn’t sit through the second tune.


Maybe it is fatigue from the huge amount of acts doing what the Chainsmokers do, but I find them boring.


Didn’t listen to any of the music but thought Louie CK’s opening monologue was the best I’ve seen in a long time. And I appreciated that it wasn’t particularly topical; all the comedians in the world can’t make Trump funny forever.


“You don’t want this.”

I was dying.


I loved the clown sketch, and I loved the sectional sofa one.

“I had a family once”

“This is not a store, please stop trespassing on my property”


“Yeah, there’s no protocol for whatever this is…”


I especially love when he gets up to take a whiz and just leans out of the bathroom door to keep watching.


I enjoyed this week’s episode hosted by Jimmy Fallon for the musical number. That’s one thing I miss in general from the Jimmy Fallon era of SNL, they used to have a lot more musical skits.

However, the episode wasn’t nearly as funny as last week. Ideally someone like Jimmy Fallon should be on staff, and someone like Louie should be the host. That’s the perfect combination for me.



Last weekend’s Chris Pine episode has quite a few highlight sketches worth tracking down (not to mention LCD Soundsystem!) but this was my fave.


Thanks for the heads up. Sleep has been hard to catch up on with a newborn, so I wasn’t able to see many sketches on Saturday night. But since I didn’t enjoy the song in the monologue much, I figured maybe I was safe to skip this episode.


Actually there were quite a few good sketches, although it’s clear that Pine wanted to show off his singing chops (a number of sketches involved singing). Pretty much everything is on the SNL YouTube channel, including this one that was “cut for time” because it didn’t fit. But it was still pretty great:


Please stop.