Saturday Night Live: Season 342343414


Who’s the actor in that clip? He was great, but I have no idea who he is. Is he a regular on SNL or was he the host?



That’s Sterling K Brown. He’s in a hit NBC show called This is Us. I admit I’ve never seen it. He was also apparently in Black Panther, and a whole bunch of TV shows and movies, judging from his IMDB page. But I honestly cannot place him even in things that I’ve seen.


I first saw him on the OJ miniseries. He’s great.


He was Erik Killmonger’s dad in the movie. Did a great job in a short part.


Yes! Thanks, Nick. I’m not sure I would have made that connection watching him doing sketch comedy. Dude was great in Black Panther and he nailed it in that skit.



I love the way he says, “Apology rejected.”


He’s one of the better parts of the incredibly over baked This Is Us as well.

Bill Hader this week!


Yeah, I’m really looking forward to Bill Hader as host. Is this his first time after being a regular cast member?


He had massive anxiety attacks during SNL. He said that’s the inspiration for his new HBO comedy, Barry.

He talked about the panic attacks on this earlier interview.


Woah, he’s got an HBO show? Gotta check it out.

(and since when is that not the proper spelling of “woah”? The site underlines it with a red squiggly line for me.)


Getting great reviews, too.


I’ve always seen it as “whoa”.



I was very disappointed. Bill Hader broke all the time last night, not even hiding that he was laughing. When he was a cast member he used to do a really good job not showing it even when he was busting up.


Yeah, kind of a lackluster ep. Best sketch IMO was the recurring plaid holiday chair, which was cut.



The Lobster sketch tonight was bizarre and hilarious in equal measure.


I found the whole episode really funny. Lobster sketch was definitely one of the highlights. I didn’t know Keenan could sing a decent tune. They should have him in musical sketches more often.


I thought the Lobster sketch was actually classic SNL, something new and imaginative, which is really rare on the show now.


+1 for the Lobster sketch. It was super inspired and most likely an instant classic. Hopefully they won’t make it a regular bit.