Saturday Night Live: Season 342343414


We actually managed to watch 45 minutes of SNL last night without once regretting it. Maybe it is easier to write around a holiday, every skit was Christmas themed, but they did a really good job. We only turned it off to go to bed.


The standouts were the Best Christmas Ever, the reject Christmas tree ornaments, Happy Christmas, Britain and the Weezer argument ones. Even the weird one about the lounge singer and her accompanist won me over due to Cecily Strong’s total commitment and the fact that she can really sing.

Another high point was the end of the Weekend Update where Colin and Michael had to read jokes that supposedly the other had written and they themselves had not yet seen.


My favorite was the Westminster Dad Show.

“Tweedy daddy, come here!”
“Tweedy daddy, right there!”
“Tweedy daddy, up on here!”

Last week’s (Momoa) was almost all Christmas themed, and it was pretty good as well.

It also helps when the host puts in an effort.


Yeah, the Elf on the Shelf one and Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo were great. The First Impressions one was bizarre and creepy.

The GE Big Boy appliances one was pretty good too


Very true and Damon really bought into the material.


The last two episodes have been some of the best of the season.

The Weezer dinner sketch was great.

“I am ride or die!”
“For Weezer?”

Ornaments was fun. The “best Christmas ever” sketch was heartwarming. The Daddy show was good.

Matt Damon was really game, and it helped.

Momoa was fun too. “First Impressions” was a great sketch. Loved the extended staring at the end of the sketch.

This season has been pretty blah so far, but the last two episodes have been strong


Yeah, agreed, on both the season and the last two episodes.


That opening sketch was so good, I’m determined to finally watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” this Christmas. I’m finally going to do it! I think NBC still shows it on Christmas day every year.


It’s a Wonderful life is included with Prime Streaming right now, so you can get a commercial-free version unless you like the promos that NBC sticks in!


No Prime Streaming, sadly. I only have the grandfathered in version of Prime on my brother’s account where I only get the two day free shipping.



Saturday Night Live sparked a debate last week that has set the internet on fire.

Has it? Really, Vulture? Do tell.


Weezer message boards were probably lit. Come on. Right?

Here’s my favorite part:

Steven : I don’t know if that’s 100 percent true, Eli. Because I honestly think when we wrote the line “‘Pork and Beans’ is better than ‘Buddy Holly,’” none of us believed that. I was watching interviews of people actually debating that, and I just want to apologize to America, because we wrote that …

Alan : As a joke!

Steven : Yeah, as a joke, to get a reaction from people.

Alan : We sat in that room trying to think of what the most absurd statement to make about Weezer was, and that was the one that we made.

Steven : When I saw people debating that, I wanted to throw up because I felt terrible.

Alan : Oh, it feels bad! When Matt says it, it feels bad. We made a man with an Academy Award say those words.

(Confession: I have only heard Buddy Holly, so I’m not familiar with Pork and Beans or any other Weezer song, but the sketch is still pretty funny).


I’m still shocked there wasn’t a “wardrobe malfunction” during the musical act.


Clearly there was some some adhesive involved.


Thanks for sharing that article. That was a fun sketch and I like reading the post-mortems. They even got into some D&D edition wars! Perhaps they can use that conflict as a basis for another awkward dinner party sketch.

The give and take between Leslie Jones’ and Matt Damon’s characters was my favorite piece of Weezer criticism since Film Crit Hulk wrote this piece (but clearly he came down on the Leslie Jones side):


I imagine anyone under a certain age just knows Weezer as that band that sings the song about Africa.


I thought that was Toto?


Person under a certain age says, “Who??” That’s what I meant, that these folks don’t even know who Weezer is, much less Toto.


All I know about Weezer is that they once played as warm up for Sheryl Crow at a concert I attended, and my wife & I didn’t like them.