Saturday Night Live: Season 342343414

Oh I totally saw the Ed Grimley thing. I really wish there’d been an Ed Grimley sketch if only for old times’ sake. They’d have to update the celebrity from Pat Sajak to someone else of course.

And @Editer I also thought that sketch you mentioned (with the weird mini-people growing out of her) was one of the best ones she’s ever been in. Also agree about the excessive mugging for the camera sometimes.

The other bits I love her in are the ones where she’s giving Colin Jost a hard time on Weekend Update-- a couple of those are sure to become classics.

obits were amazing

Now this was great: from one perspective, It’s a Wonderful Life vibes, from another, something quite different.

I am more than a little verklempt because of the Cecily Strong news.

Yeah, me too, just finished watching that. The Cathy-Anne bit alluded to it as well. 🥹

I’m still making my way through the Martin Short, Steve Martin episode, and last night I got through Weekend Update. Normally those people that join the correspondents at the desk, I rarely ever find those segments funny, but the couple who spice up their marriage by imitating celebrities, I just couldn’t stop laughing. So damn funny.

That pitcher held on like a champ. Pretty strong ep all around. My favorite was the Taco Town 2 Wing Pit commercial.

The Aubrey Plaza episode was unfortunately weak, but there were some good clips from Michael B. Jordan and several of the clips from Pedro Pascal so far have been incredibly good. Do they really produce all this stuff in a week (I’m sure a lot of pre-production is done, but they only have the guest for a week, right)? That’s insane.

I thought Travis Kelce did great this weekend. He looked comfortable in all of the skits, had a lot of lines that he delivered well, and seems like he could have a decent post-football career in television if he has any inclination to go in that direction.

The skits themselves however…yikes. I don’t know who is writing this stuff, but there were several skits where the material ranged from cringe to downright gross and tone-deaf. The American Girl Cafe, Mama’s Funeral, Garrett from Hinge, the Parent’s I Watch From the Corner Song, and the racist Dilbert on Weekend Update were all pretty terrible. Kelce deserved better material than he got this week.

Probably one of the funnier skits didn’t even make it onto the live show, but only to Youtube.

I really enjoyed the Please Don’t Destroy sketch, myself:

And the Sarah News, of course (although I really wish she’d lose that hairdo):

It looks like the SNL editorial group is going to strike:

And before you say, “what editors? I thought SNL was live!” this affects the folks that help out on all those pre-taped bits that are sometimes the best part of the show. The Digital Shorts from back in the day, the commercial parodies… I’m not a huge fan of the Please Don’t Destroy kids but their sketches are well edited.

I once saw a timelapse of all the editing choices that went into that Oscar The Grouch/Joker parody a few years ago, and talk about a ton of work in a very short amount of time!

That incredible effort resulted in this, finished and posted ten minutes before airtime:

So that crew deserves what they can get.

Whoah. That’s big news.

Considering there were serious rumors that they would end the show when Lorne left, pretty big news. Tina Fey certainly makes a lot of sense to take over the show, as she oversaw one of the “Golden Eras” of SNL when she was head writer.

Logical choice.

One of the rumors was that Kenan Thompson was vying for the post. I wonder how he’ll take it?

I’m sure he’ll get sump’n.

“Everybody’s been naughty, everybody’s got flaws!”

“He sees you when you’re sleeping! That’s creepy!”

That was so much fun.

Tonight’s episode with Jason Momoa had some great stuff:

First, based on a recently reported factoid about men in the US and what they think about (great surprise close to the end):

And of course, another great entry from Please Don’t Destroy: