Saturday Night Live: Season 342343414


She's not that great on Mad Men either, IMHO. Her role doesn't require her to do much more than be an ice princess.


I think Timberlake and Alex Baldwin should be in the regular cast.


January Jones got her break from modeling, right? That doesn't mean she can't act, but it sure doesn't mean she can. Justin Timberlake got his break on the Mickey Mouse Club. You couldn't force me to watch the Mickey Mouse Club, but his entertainment savvy makes more sense when you realize that he did get on the map in the first place by being in television before he had his music thing going.


I interrupt this showing of SNL in progress to say that WOW they showed some incredibly bad judgment in that Jack Johnson skit. When Keenan Thompson came out with a fiddle, ostensibly as DMB's Boyd Tinsley, he looked instead exactly like LeRoi Moore, the DMB sax player who died last year. (Boyd Tinsley is lean and muscular; Thompson not so much.)

Not sure why no one in the band objected, especially given that DM was in that skit, playing Ozzy Osbourne.


Agreed. See: Robert DeNiro.


JGL brought it last night, even though the slanted wall was a bit of a cheat.


Watched this episode on Hulu. They cut off Joseph Gordon-Levitt's monologue. Did he come out there and talk about dirty vaginas while using a photograph of Don Geiss as toilet paper?


What a great episode. That opening sketch before the monologue had me laughing harder than I've laughed at SNL for a few years now. So good. And JGL was an excellent host. He was good in nearly all the sketches. The only sketch I didn't care for was the Thanksgiving meal sketch. That might have been funny if they hadn't done the same thing before. I really don't understand why they repeat sketches like that, which are funny the first time and then they absolutely have to repeat them and run them into the ground until they're not funny anymore.


That's the only sketch I watched last night, actually. I turned it on for the first time in months, just in time to catch that one, and promptly turned it off again when it was over.

I'll have to check some of the others out on Hulu, if that was indeed the dud and not overly representative of the rest.


Yeah, but I think it took some balls to try that bit. Though he was sure a bit squinty-eyed.

"What up with that" is growing on me, especially with Gore sitting there.


And Gore did a great job. He's got some acting chops.


Did anybody notice Levitt had a weird...accent? or something, during his monolgue? Is that the way he normally talks, or was he doing a voice as part of the Make 'em Laugh bit?


I think that was 'theater guy overdoing it' accent and facial expression.


I found him really hard to watch, with all the squinting, the strange accent in his monologue, hyperactivity, singing and whatnot. But bless his heart.

What Up With That? for some reason has me in tears from start to finish, mainly in anticipation of Jason Sudekis's tracksuit dancing.


Man, I love Jon Hamm. He will do pretty much anything for a laugh.

Who remembers the music video from the 80's with the shirtless, oiled up, dancing sax player, the one they made fun of in the digital short? I want to say it was a Tina Turner video, but I can't remember.


Tim Capello, 3:06.

EDIT 2: Here he is again:



Continuing my solo live-blog of tonight's SNL, this is one of the best ones I've seen in a while. I hope if you're not watching, you're at least Tivo-ing.


Agreed. Closet Organizer was one of the funniest things I've seen in years, and I loved Hamm & Buble.


Thanks for the heads up. Lately, I've been just fast forwarding through most episodes before giving up and deleting the whole thing. But now that I know it might be worth it, I'll refrain from heavy use of the 30 second skip.


With the exception of the first skit after the monologue, I laughed out loud during each one. I don't think I've ever done that before.

Sergio was fucking awesome.


Better video - I can't believe I forgot about this guy's solo career:

Wouldn't it be great if this ended up being one of those bizarre Internet things that allows Tim Capello to have a comeback?

Damn, I hope not. He sucked.