Saturday Night Live: Season 342343414


Tim also had a breakthrough performance in Lost Boys.


That was the best, most consistently funny episode I've seen in quite a while.


I wish that had really been Rahm Emanuel.


It was sad to see SNL slip back into mediocrity after the Jon Hamm episode. I did kinda like the pool boy skit, though.


I've got nothing but love for the Corrosion of Confirmity bit.


I actually wondered if that was a real song from one of Armisen's early bands. It seemed too dead-on a parody of 80s hardcore to be fake.


Woah, I had no idea about Armisen's music career. I remember Trenchmouth a bit from my college radio days (or at least I remember Elektra pushing them).

Yeah, the parody (homage?) is so dead on.


I don't know, the Jon Hamm episode was meh, apart from the digital short, which was brilliant. The first one he hosted was better. This Ashton Kutcher one was even more meh, except for the surreal "What is burn notice" and the Rahm Emanuel sketch.
Every once in a while there's an episode that fires on all cylinders throughout, but these last two weren't like that for me. I remember thinking that the Taylor Swift episode was pretty good, and anytime Justin Timberlake hosts it's usually a treat.


Watched the Ashton episode. It really wasn't that bad, except for the fact that Ashton was absolutely terrible. "What is Burn Notice?" was pretty awesome though. When that sketch ended my wife looked at me and said "It's...about a cop...right? Ex-cop? Am I close?"


As a fan of Burn Notice, I didn't get the "What is Burn Notice?" sketch.


I kept expecting Jeffrey Donovan to come out.


I think the idea was that the advertising for the show is so vague that it doesn't give you any idea of what it's about, besides being set in Miami.




Finally saw it. I loved the Rahm apology. And I have to admit, I also loved "What is Burn Notice", since I've also seen the previews, and even parts of a few episodes here and there, and I have nooooo idea what the show is about. Which made the sketch pretty funny. I honestly thought I was the only one who always wondered "What is Burn Notice?"


If you aren't watching Burn Notice, you are missing out. It has Bruce Campbell in it ffs!


I knew that! That's actually why I stopped channel surfing for a second. I still have no idea what it is though. Some kind of police or detective procedural? They solve crimes every week, something like that?


If you watch an episode from the beginning, every single one begins with a fifteen second rundown of the plot. He's a spy who has been blacklisted and told that if he tries to leave Miami they'll kill him. So, while he's trying to find out how to unblacklist himself and get back to being a spy, he takes on clients and fights bad guys with the help of a former IRA bomber girlfriend, an ex-FBI/ex-Navy Seal buddy (Bruce Campbell), and sometimes his mom (who is just a mom, not a former spy or fed or anything).

The best elements of the show is when they explain stuff MacGyver style. Like in the first episode when he's running off a drug dealer he explains how most people who spend good money on a strong door and locks often forget to reinforce the wall around the door, he knocks on the door, waits, then shoots the drug dealer in the leg through the thin wall.


OK, so what does "burn notice" mean?


If I remember correctly, it's the notification that you're thrown out of Spy Club.


It's how you know you've been served.