Saturday Night Live: Season 342343414


She was awesome, it's true. The way she danced with her blond wig during the Manuel Ortiz show absolutely cracked me up. She reminded me of the one in the middle:


On Hulu, extra Debbie Downer skit from the Betty White show. Also this and this.

From the dress rehearsal, I'd guess.


I loved last night's episode.

"Gertrude. That's a very nice name".
"Thank you".
"Gertrude....... Give me a handjob".

One thing they've gotten much better at ever since the Tina Fey/Jimmy Fallon/Seth Meyers era is to know when you've already got the best laugh, and that sometimes it is better to leave the sketch short than to keep stretching it and repeating the same joke.


Bill Hader's New York community correspondent was brilliant. It's a good thing the role allowed him to constantly cover his face, since he was about to bust out laughing at any moment.


"This is my 15th time hosting"
(waits for applause to die down)
"That makes it 14 times more than Betty White has hosted".


Also, Timecrowave may not have been as funny as it could have been, but that doesn't change the fact that it was an awesome idea.


Yeah, I loved Timecrowave. The individual changes did stop being funny after the first few changes, but I still loved the skit overall. And the swastikas in the background took me a few seconds to notice. I thought they were done doing changes and were back to normal and then belatedly, the audience started laughing again, and that's when I noticed them.


The digital short was pretty good too.


I think the census skit was an homage of sorts to the Christopher Walken census skits. It had the same basic form, without being too much of a repeat. "That's my wife, she's a bobcat."


"Tay the shawwwwww!!!! Tay the shawwwww!"


I thought that the season finale had a lot more laughs than the Betty White one. And Tom Petty (who is evidently taking singing lessons from Dylan) really rocked on his first song.


Does not compute.


Yeah, I loved that first Tom Petty song too. I haven't listened to any Tom Petty in years, but that might change now after watching that group on SNL. That was really good.


I absolutely cannot stand Tom Petty. And I used to like him up until the second album. These guys look older than the Stones. The music is just so pedestrian. Every fucking Petty song since 1980 sounds the same. The vocals...make Dylan sound like Glenn Hughes. I had to fast forward.


So yesterday they had a two hour special on SNL on NBC. Some great stuff in there that I didn't know about. Like what kind of stuff they had trouble getting past the censors. And how much trouble the show was in when Dana Carvey came on. He thought he'd be on the last season when the show finally ended, but instead, he was part of the reason for saving the show because it became popular again that season.

The special also kept away from my least favorite seasons for the most part, though they did mention Norm McDonald and just how different his take on Weekend Update was compared to everyone else who did it. Chevy Chase thought Norm McDonald was the first and only one after Chevy himself to do a comedy sketch essentially during weekend update, to approach it as such I guess. I personally hated that whole era of SNL: the stupid cheerleaders (including Will Ferrell), Mango, Norm McDonald, none of it was ever funny except for rare exceptions, like when Alec Baldwin came back to host.

They did mention Cris Catan and his Mango character, but they did it while mentioning how it was hard to come up with new material for old characters and how some characters got really stale. Ha! Take that Chris Catan, however you spell your name.

Also, I saw the Dana Carvey sketch where he's singing "Choppin' Broccoli". Great stuff. I'm kind of split on what's my favorite era of SNL. On the one hand, I absolutely loved the show in the early 90s when I first started watching: Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Phil Hartman, Chris Farley, David Spade, Kevin Nealon, Adam Sandler singing during Weekend Update, etc. They were so good. But then they had another peak during the Tina Fey/Jimmy Fallon Weekend Update era. There were a couple of seasons there before Jimmy Fallon's last season when I thought the show was funnier than it had ever been before. Jimmy Fallon's actual last season suffered a bit because it seemed like word had gotten out that you could make him laugh and everyone on the cast was trying to get him to break down laughing, and sadly they succeeded more often than not.

Anyway, I'm also enjoying this current season a lot, so the show is pretty good again. I like the new additions to the cast. I especially love the girl who plays Miley Cirus. I can't get her out of my head for days after she does that sketch.

My only complaint with the current season is that they haven't done "What's up with that?" in a few weeks. I miss it. I can't get enough What's Up With That.


SNL had its highest season finale ratings in 7 years last night

And, Samberg and Timberlake deliver the third part in their horndog/New Kids on the Block trilogy


I have been listening to the new Lonely Island CD. Hi-larious.


I actually played a small part on that show. In the skit where Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga are playing the game show and Timberlake can't come up with names I'm in the crowd shouting the names ("Katie" and "Chris Kirkpatrick").

For whatever reason they didn't use the audience watching Saturday Night Live and prerecorded the live audience from Jimmy Fallon's Thursday night show to do it. Probably so they could get a nice clear few attempts from us, instead of having to deal with trying to get a live group to do it right.


The JT dancing mascot schtick is still funny. Kudos to Lady Gaga for also being a good sport, though I imagine getting her into the wine costume was not a hard sell. Maybe it was even hers.


I'm sure they'll run it into the ground soon enough, but I love What's That Name. "What's his name, we just said it ten seconds ago?"