Saturday Night Live: Season 342343414


I didn't actually watch the Secret Word sketch, but isn't it the same gag over and over as always?


Unaired Timberlake sketch from that SNL.


I really enjoy Justin Timberlake as a guest host, especially with his skits Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon.


Yes. This one needs to die quickly.


Timberlake is awesome.


Season 528 began last night, and I saw the first 30-45 minutes. The GOP debate was okay, but I sorta grimaced at the thought that we’re now in presidential election season, which means about two more years of these political sketches.

Steve Martin’s little cameo got me, especially when he tested Alex’s urine.

The new commercial spoof was for Red Flag, which was hilarious. And, is it me, or is Kristen Wiig one of those women who goes from attractive to hot as she gets older?

I also laughed my ass off at the All My Children cast/crew farewell party.


Hader’s Alan Alda impression in the Top Gun audition skit was awesome.


Alec Baldwin as Tony Bennett was solid gold.


I’ll have to take a look at that and compare it to Peter Serafinowicz’s Alda impersonation. His is uncanny.


I just finished watching this from the DVR. Baldwin’s Tony Bennett during WU cracked me up.

Has he slimmed down a bit?


I think he has. I always loved the Tony Bennett bit. “I like things that are great!”


This past week’s episode with Jimmy Fallon was far and away my favorite of the year. The sketches were weird and inspired, particularly the Jimmy Mirror with Jimmy and Andy Samberg.


Most of them were pretty good, but I really wish they’d lose the Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb sketch. Fallon as Regis was the only thing that saved it. Also the Beethoven’s 9th sketch went on way too long.


SNL rocks!


I like it when SNL alumni come back to host the show, it generally results in other alumni cameoing and this episode had a lot!


Yep - I was really hoping the Christmas song would be on, and it was. Tonight I saw the original version of that during the SNL Christmas clip show, and holy COW does Horatio Sanz look better today.


As Sanz has gotten thinner, Tracy Morgan’s gotten fatter.


BTW, tonight’s ep w/Zooey Deschanel has been strong throughout, and has had a couple of great cameos. No tired-ass Secret Word sketch, no stupid/gross Overly Affectionate Family sketch, just funny ORIGINAL material. Gotta think Zooey wrote most of the episode herself (or brought a team of comedy writers with her). Cute as a button and funny (and has quite the set of pipes on her too).


Yeah last night’s episode was pretty damn good. I laughed at almost every sketch and the guest on the news was amazing.


Agreed with In the Cage being the highlight, but having just seen The Artist the night before, I was happy to see Jean Dejardin make a cameo as well.