Saudi Ambassador Resigns Abruptly

WASHINGTON - Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, Prince Turki al-Faisal, abruptly resigned his post after 15 months on the job and left the country, The Washington Post reported Tuesday, citing U.S. officials and foreign envoys.

Al-Faisal told his staff he was leaving to spend more time with his family, the newspaper reported, citing Arab diplomats. His predecessor, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, held the job for 22 years.

An attempt to reach a reach a spokesman at the Saudi Embassy was not immediately successful.

Obviously the Al Qaeda agent’s cover had been blown. Diplomatic Immunity means nothing in Guantanamo.

Well, I’m just putting it up as an FYI. It could be nothing. It could be a protest against Bush’s seeming intractability. Who knows? But it was important enough to make the MSNBC list of primary news items even without any real background.

Seems like they’re implying there’s more to the story they just can’t confirm or reveal yet.

Could also imply a shakeup in the Saudi government, for any number of dozens of reasons.