Saudia Arabia thread


Well shit I wanted to sell my house this year, now I’m fucked.


Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.



Such a predictable, pathetic, worthless, corrupt, POS.




Pretty long overdue, and this should be good news for anyone that wants to ensure Trump doesn’t get re-elected.


Amazingly Trumps public statement of surrender to Saudi Arabia’s state sponsored Islamic terrorism was so evil even Rand Paul found his conscience for a second today.


Yeah, i bet he didn’t.


Rand Paul is bereft of a conscience. He is bereft of even a sucking, blackened hole where a conscience would be found in a normal person. The space simply never existed; he has no capacity for something as “pointless” as caring for his fellow man.

That does not mean that he is incorrect about this particular thing, though.



I’d have thought the Nutcracker was the Nutcracker of dancing on your own dick.


We’re overdue for a recession, but there’s nothing quite like a trade war to kick it in gear.

Back in the day, my greatest fear was that President Hillary would get saddled with the recession and the Republicans would use it to ensure she only got one term. Haha, *snort*, good times, good times…


The US President can be bribed, and this isn’t a surprising development.


I know, right? It’s like right there in the name!


Shots fired!


I am offended by this vulgar language. Please ready my fainting couch!


Trump’s dangerous message to tyrants: Flash money and get away with murder

Nothing surprising in this WaPo opinion piece, but it needed to be said and Fred Ryan did a fine job of it.


Absolutely. Trump is the biggest scumbag of a president we’ve had since the mid-1800’s.


Wow, that statement.

Trump writes exactly like a deluded comic book villiain that thinks he’s the good guy. But he’s not.