Saudia Arabia thread


I am so confused. Evangelicals are going to bat for a despotic tyrant that just had a journalist butchered? And this muderer is a Muslim? And they’re taking his side because… Trump likes to make money off the guy?

I just don’t even.


It doesn’t make any sense because they are batshit crazy. I don’t know why anyone even pays lip service to the idea that many politically active evangelicals in America are somehow guided by a higher sense of morality. It’s pure self-interest and tribalism.


I wish I was running the simulation, because I’d use a console command to have Trump convert to Islam and see if all the evangelicals follow suit and start denouncing Jesus.


Small pedantic point, but Muslims also believe in Jesus and his miracles (as a prophet of God), just not in his divinity.


I know.

EDIT: Oh I see, I had an autocorrect issue. I meant to say renouncing, not denouncing.


Unless that Muslim is named Obama…


If Elon Musk isn’t running the simulation, somebody on the forum must be running the simulation. Please don’t do this. I get the US is the easiest country to play, and I understand why a nerf was needed. But, while it would entertaining to watch a Trump religion conversion, I fear it would create a civil war.

Plus ever since the 3.2 patch, when they added a malus to religion, I’ve thought that Islam was the worse. Religious followers can become suicide bombers isn’t that bad, not compared to Christianity followers flood the airwaves with appeals for money, and reduce scientist output by10%. However, Islam’s -50% production for women penalty is just a killer nerf.

Signed a devoted US, earthsim player, who has hated the game ever since the Trump patch.


One thing is a given, however. When the nerf bat swings, it swings with vengeance. Have patience, and hope.


Seriously, the Golden Throne DLC has been so shitty!


Unironically I have seen the farther edges of the alt-right start giving a sympathetic side-eye to places like Saudia Arabia. You can hear the cogs in the brain going: “we love traditional gender roles and constantly complain about modern US society. Saudia Arabia and Sharia Law, they sure do have traditional gender roles…”




I bet that made his mustache bristle.


A harrumph was heard.



I wonder if the Republicans would actually care about Trump bending over for the Saudis if it had been a white blonde woman that was killed instead?


Not if she was a journalist for WaPo. Enemy of the State and all that.


It would have to be someone from Fox News. And probably not even then unless she was on a show he watched.



Won’t someone please go fetch Lindsey Graham’s folding fan and feinting couch?!