Saudia Arabia thread


I’m cool with not trading with Saudi Arabia anymore.


Tweet from orange buffoon in support of KSA in 5 4 3 2 …


It’s very early morning in Moscow right now. Gotta give Trump time to check with his handler first.


Hang on a minute, I think you may have just gotten to the bottom of his 3:00 AM tweet rants! 3:00 AM EST = 10:00 AM Moscow time. Hmmm…



The Saudis are probably worth a lot more to Trump’s personal fortune than Canada could ever be. Heck, if this escalates, even crazier shit could start happening.


Saudi Arabia is losing its shit right now over Canada. They’re even dumping all their CDN assets in order to cause the value of the dollar to drop. I’m also in the ‘fuck the Saudi king’ camp. I’d like to thank the UK government for having our backs and urging “both sides” to show restraint. What the hell does that even mean?


Who needs friends when you’ve got allies like the US/UK right now, right? :(

I, as an American citizen, have your back. I will be doing my part in 2018 and 2020 to elect a government that feels the same way.


Hahahaha fat chance. The UK government once straight up shut down a massive arms manufacturer corruption trial because it was embarrassing the Saudis.


I’m pleased that Canada is doing this. I suspect it’s going to hurt a bit economically. But I support the move.


I’m a little worried for the future of Trudeau if the economy gets hurt significantly, although of course that’s the implied idea behind KSA’s actions


From a reddit post:

Let’s look at the timeline…

  1. Canada makes a critical tweet
  2. Saudi Arabia is outraged, tells Canada “Mind yo bidness, bitch!”
    EDIT: 2a Saudi government mouthpiece threatens Canada with 9/11-style terrorist attack
  3. Saudi Arabia expels Canadian diplomats
  4. Saudi Arabia recalls all students from Canada
  5. Saudi Arabia to cut all trade with Canada
  6. Saudi Arabia repatriating fucking hospital patients
  7. Saudi Arabia fucking crucifies a guy while bleating about Canada
  8. Canada’s response: “…”

Is that a fucking feud between two parties, or a complete mental breakdown of one party?


I was arguing with a Saudi the other day and one of his core arguments was linking Trudeau attending Pride Parades as a symbol of all that was wrong with Canada. The few members of the ex-moose communities that are Saudi do it under cover so deep it would impress one of the KGB sleepers. The women have it BAD. Sheesh what a hellhole it is.


Jesus, they literally crucified someone?


“Crucifixions” in Saudi Arabia typically involve beheading the condemned, then sewing their head back on and putting their body on public display — hanging them from a pole or a cross, according to Amnesty International.

Edit: RE the “while bleating about Canada” thing:


ISeeWhatYouDidThere. gif



Sadly the US is cozily in bed with the Saudis, plotting a shooting war with Iran.

Canada’s contract to sell them military equipment is an ongoing embarrassment. Let’s hope it is now cancelled.


What I’d love to see in my fantasy world is for Canada to apologize in a condescending and ostentatious way to encourage Saudi Arabia to continue its ridiculous behavior.

“Canada stands with the Saudi Arabian kingdom against spies and instigators attempting to undermine the peace and security of the realm!”

I love my fantasy world.


This situation is so crazy, and the total lack of support for Canada from the US and UK is embarrassing for the Western alliance. I am not normally anti-monarchy, but if the UK doesn’t have our back, what’s the point of the Commonwealth?

As for the US, I’d expect nothing less of the Trump administration. I’m sure, in his dark cesspool of a heart, that Trump would similarly love to castigate Canada for its strong stance in support of women’s rights.