Saudia Arabia thread


My understanding is the House of Saud is not really fundamentalist, but they rely on the support of fundamentalist clerics to maintain power / suppress dissent.

That’s why they don’t behave like fundamentalists when visiting the West, and it suggests that the current Saud leader may be engaged in an internal power struggle.


This is accurate from what I’ve gathered. In an undemocratic government, it’s good to keep in mind a challenge to a king’s judgement is a challenge to his authority. He probably felt he almost had to overreact. Of course, it doesn’t make the criticisms any less true.


At least Bernie has Canada’s back, even if the US government doesnt.


Meet the Canadian Quisling:

Bought and paid for.


Wow. Fly to Riyadh to apologize in person? That seems quite, uh, divergent from what most Canadians think of the situation, from what I’ve heard.


John Baird was foreign minister under Harper and brokered the sale of arms to the Saudis.

Even back then the appearance of Canada cozying up to Saudi Arabia was appalling to most Canadians, I think.


This is part the whole arms sale debacle that comes back once in a while. So at worst Canada sold light armored vehicles, among some other stuff. I mean, all weapons are evil and all that, but in the grand scheme of things armored vehicles don’t seem so bad. It’s not like bombs or missiles or biological weapons. Besides, the liberal government accepted the sales and went ahead with it. The most unfortunate part of it all is that Saudi Arabia have had an opportunity to use them so soon.

Heck, the US sells weapons to plenty of people and you never see this kind of hand-wringing in the media. That’s the typically Canadian bit. One law professor even sought an injunction to stop the sale on pretty flimsy legal grounds:

One solution would be to never sell arms at all, but that entails sabotaging some industries. Then again, even civilian industries like engineering and mining require some “moral flexibility” if you want contracts in many countries. It’s tough being a worrywart in an imperfect world.

Anyway, I sometimes wonder why Iran is relentlessly demonized in the media but Saudi Arabia, well, they have their flaws, but they’re basically okay, y’know? And the answer is obvious: Saudi Arabia has a lot more economic integration with the West and are pretty prickly, despite arguably having an even worse human rights situation.


Or, you know, don’t sell them to regimes like Saudi Arabia.Unfortunately for everyone but arms manufacturers, dealers and the people they bribe, regimes like Saudi Arabia tend to be the countries with money and no arms industry of their own.


There is no evil the Saudis would commit that would stop our governments selling them arms and tech for their security services.



Trump will buy this hook, line, and sinker though no one would think it is credible that these people flew to Turkey and did this all on their own in the consulate.


We all know enhanced interrogation isn’t torture, even if some people (completely coincidentally) die during it. There are no lasting effects, because a doctor we paid wrote a paper saying so.


If your cover story is that you tortured someone to death, then the truth has to be seriously bad.


Maybe Sean Hannity will agree to the method used to prove that it isn’t really torture.


It’s not going to be a cover story, it’s going to be “Ooops, sorry”, followed by Trump’s “They said sorry, what more do you guys want?”



This whole thing reads like a spy novel.


Maybe a hatch cover fell on his head and someone decided on a burial at sea.