Saudia Arabia thread




I love how the headline is that they’re considering a plan to admit this.

Float it out there first to see how well it goes over.


… on foreign soil. (Embassy, but still.)

Turkey will shrug their shoulders and Trump will exclaim, “there is nothing we can do.”

There is a ton of shit we can do.



Trump participating in the Saudi cover-up of the torture and murder of a Washington Post journalist. It didn’t happen in this country so it doesn’t matter. Jesus.


Well, his employer matters. I’m sure if this were someone at Fox News we’d be discussing how the nuclear winter could potentially affect the climate change that isn’t happening.


Well, he was only was legal resident, not a citizen so apparently it doesn’t matter.


I think Frum has the right take on the Woodward book in retrospect:



oh god


Honestly I think they did all of this on purpose, including having all of this info go out. They know Trump will not hold them accountable, and it lets all the other dissidents and potential dissidents know what is coming their way. FFS, butchered him while he was still alive and jackass is still going on with his excuses for them.


I think GY called this one pretty well.


I mean, he was a journalist, so who cares, right?


No mention of Kashoggi murder AT ALL on the FoxNews homepage. Nothing.

I wonder if the hacks at Fox think they’re safe from the coming “Enemy of the People” purge because they aren’t journalists?


This couldn’t have gone any better for the Saudis. Now the world knows that if you are critical of them you may get tortured to death and there will be no consequences.


Running out of oil would do it.


Trump: " I’m not sure yet that it exists. It probably does. Possibly does. I’ll have a full report on that from Mike when he comes back. That’s one of the things — that’s going to be the first question I ask him."

He is such a fucking idiot he still doesn’t understand how anything works. His intel people should already have the audio from their Turkish counterparts.



I find this opinion piece worth reading, bringing us back to the massive Saudi over-reaction to the Canadian criticism. An early warning sign, indeed.