Saudia Arabia thread


As much as he advocates for taking other countries oil, you would think he would jump at the chance to pounce on Saudi Arabia.


Yes, but he even more strongly advocates for people giving him money. So on balance it’s all about the Benjamin’s.


Story idea: Bacteria that eats oil reserves, deployed as weapon. Hmm.


I’ve seen that episode. Doesn’t end well.


I think Clive Cussler has done that one.


Can we have it eat coal too?


We love barbaric Muslims now! Stop oppressing them!


An interesting version:




Remember when the GOP was going to act as a check on Trump? When they actually occasionally told him he was wrong?


You know its bloody bad when Erdogan is the most transparent and humanitarian of all three nations leaders.


I mean, to be fair, anyone who still expects prominent Evangelical leader Pat Robertson to be anything more than an unrepentantly evil sack of shit has already lived a lifetime of disappointment.



I’ve said for years that Saudi Arabia is not only not a good ally, but is a net negative for the USA. Well, the USA as we used to understand it, as an entity that existed above and separate from the corporate interests of various billionaires and their firms, and the sycophantic politicos who suckle at their teats. Of course, here we also have something playing into Trump’s deepest wishes, which is to be able to torture and dismember any reporter who questions him, so there is that.



Dark thought, in his darkest of hearts this will only make Trump admire despots more.


Want to kill someone in your country, buy weapons from the US. It must be somewhere in the contract I guess.


This is good news, at least.