Saudia Arabia thread


Yeah, fuck this piece of shit.


Corker livid because he’s chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee…and they won’t let him see the Kashoggi evidence.


It’s too bad there is nothing he can do about it beyond expressing his concern.


His brow is furrowed to max intensity.


A big wriggling piece of wrinkled sweaty Corker leather is about to pass its inflection point in the center of that furrow and pop out, like the active component of a buckling spring keyswitch.


Double secret grave concern!


You really do need to write a book or something. You could replace GRRM and his food narratives.


Sounds like Kashoggi brought fists to a bone saw fight. Never a good idea.

Should be interesting what story SA and Trump/ Kushner agree to settle on.


Some stories/excuses/explanations/covers are of the smirking "fuck you, we don't have to offer a plausible excuse" variety. The Saudis have offered one; the administration will offer another to accept it.

— SuperDuperHat (@Popehat) October 19, 2018



Gritty is not going to like this new law one bit


They’ll have to punish this.


I’m imagining them popping off entirely, like gremlins popping off a Mogwai that gets wet.

Corkers movie, 2018.


Let’s get this screenplay together, my dude. We’ll be rich, I tell you! Rich!


We need to flesh out some characters for this remake. Who is the good intentioned inventor father, the tolerant but “I’ve seen it all,” mother, the overly dependable son, and the cute Phoebe Cates’esque girlfriend?



What’s gonna happen is that the Saudi leadership is just going to throw some random dude under the bus, possibly execute them.

Which won’t actually do anything to address the injustice… and will in fact just compound it, by having a murderer kill another person and say, “There, now are we ok?”


Maybe so, but it will drastically change the message. Instead of “This is what happens to journalists who criticize MBS”, the message becomes, “This is what happens to Saudi henchmen after the killing of dissidents is publicized.” And I don’t think that was the message MBS wanted to send.


Because… what? Are folks gonna stop doing what he tells them?
Nope. Because he’ll just kill them.

Or he’ll just say, “Oh, you’re fine as long as you do what I want. Those guys were rogues!”


More than 1. They’ve detained a bunch of people, which I imagine they will conveniently blame and behead.