Savage Demo Finally Out

I know at few people were interested in this, including Rob O’Boston, so I thought I’d let you know. It’s not been made official yet, but Happy Puppy have a copy for download on their site. It’s very generous, with nearly half of the game available to play. You get the Human side, along with the entire tech tree, in fact nothing has been removed except for the Beasts. You also get to play two of the dozen or so maps. One of the best things about the demo, is that because it is so complete, they have tied it in with the full retail version, so that you guys that are already playing, can play in the same game as anyone here who downloads the demo. Retail owners can join demo servers, but not vice-versa.

This also means that some of the more experienced commanders can take over a few games, so that the demo players get a taste of what the game can be like when the game is organised under the skills of someone who knows what they are doing. I’ll be around on some of the east coast servers, so don’t impeach me if you see “antistar” commanding you ;).

Spent the evening playing this and had a lot of fun. Seemes like we had a pretty competent commander the first couple of matches and just ran all over the other side. The next match, the commander again seemed to know what he was doing, but so did the other guy, which resulted in a protracted battle over the choke point in the middle of the map. It was pretty cool, even though we lost. The next battle was similar, but even longer- the timer ran out and gave us the win by default (they were pretty much on the ropes anyway).

Definately a neat concept for a game, though some things annoyed me. Is there any way to get more than fifteen measly shots for the ballista or catapult? Melee weapons seem really powerful, and guns really weak. Is that true or do I just suck?

ok, you have my interest… installing the demo now

When I started playing I saw all these units building and collecting gold and stuff, and I asked myself why anyone would want to gather resources and build stuff.

It’s the easiest way to level up without dying a lot. Beisdes the left mouse button, bind a keyboard key to attack, as your finger hurts after awhile of building and collecting gold.

Had a fun night playing the demo. It’s alot different than I imagined. The servers were much larger than I expected and the graphics were much better than I expected.

Once I got the hang of it, it was alot of fun. I’ll probably check it out over the next couple of days and see about making a purchase on Friday if it holds up.

Some of the more experienced players, like me, have been helping out with commanding, because it really makes a difference once people have a good commander who knows what he is doing. This was the problem with some of the reviews, where the reviewer hadn’t taken enough time to play the game, because in the early days after release, most players were n00bs who didn’t have a clue, and so the fun was sometimes limited because of that. When you get a good commander, which is almost the norm now on the public servers, you get a really good game.

You can see me online as antistar from time to time, so feel free to give me a shout :D.

What does experience have to do with it? I thought it only took three hours to know all there is to know about Savage.


This game is really fun. Played the demo, and just bought the downloadable version /w CD key. (30 minutes left to go).

You really get the impression that you are playing within a RTS game. Hopefully more game designers will pick up on this “commander thing”. It really adds cohesion and direction to the team gaming experience.

I really enjoy team based games, but since I usually only play most multi player FPS games casually, and not into the “clan” thing it allows me to have a great gaming experience without that aimless or lone wolf feeling.

Yeah, the demo was pretty good. I didn’t have much idea what was going on, but I learned how to kill people fast enough so I felt somewhat useful. This was the demo crowd, so none of us really knew what was going on. There were a couple of people who said this was the best round of the day, so I guess it was a good one. The commander gave me an occasional order, but for the most part I just battled in the front line.

There are a couple of things I’d like to know. What does it mean to request something? Does the commander get my request and then approve/reject it? How do you win? Do you have to kill the other side’s fortress?

Yeah, you kill the other side’s fortress, or else the timer runs out and whichever side is ahead wins.

I don’t know about the request thing – never done it. It might be for money or something so you can buy stuff for your character.

The request thing is for when you don’t have enough money yourself to buy a weapon or upgrade. You hit the request, and the comm will decide whether or not you get just enough money from the team pool to buy it. Or he’ll turn on auto-approve and it’ll approve all requests automatically.

This is what the auto-attack button is for.

A) Voicecom. This game needs it. I really find it pointless to learn the structure of the preset messages when i could be holding down a single button to tell the team/comm EXACTLY what’s going down and where. I get the feeling that if this game’s going to have any long-lasting appeal, S2 needs to get craking on writing their own voicecom software.

B) The melee combat seemed pretty iffy. Kinda like a Jedi Outcast flailfest with fewer moves. Nomads have this tiny little sweep, while savages have this big fuckoff swing that hits anything not directly behind the player. Makes it really lame when you’re trying to take on a bigger unit, as money seems to be a bigger priority than actual player skill. I don’t even want to talk about Legionnaires.

C) The Marksman bow fucking sucks. I could do without getting 1-shotted by people i cannot hope to see and/or target without a Marksman bow of my own.

I played all day yesterday. Despite these things, i plan on playing most of today too. This game is polished. It’s fun in ways that Natural Selection is not, though i can’t put my finger on how.

edit: Ah, and the netcode. My ping goes from 40 to 80 ping, wildly fluctuating at any given second. Unacceptable. And did i mention that most of the weapons are hitscan? You can see how well that ties in.

Learn something everyday I guess. Including that there is always someone smarter than you.

It was a recent addition to the game.

While I do like this game it highlights the flaws of online fighting games. I have a 50-70 ping yet I still get lagged at times. Not much, but just enough to miss that last hit, or enough to find an opponent has circled around my back, or whatever.

I’m still undecided about the game, but right now my instinct is not to buy it. Can someone give some basic pointers on the game so that I’m not missing something important.

I agree it would be really great if they could organise better default communication for the players.

I see nimble Nomads take out lunking Legionnaires all the time, because they are quicker units, and because the player in control of them has more skill. When you see a skilled melee fighter in action, you will see that there is little luck involved. I had my uber expensive Predator taken out by a frickin’ free Nomad the other night, because the guy could block like nobody I had ever encountered before.

I rarely get hit by the markmen’s bow any more, because I am always on the move. It is very difficult to hit moving targets with the marksmen’s bow, unless you have a great deal of skill. You will also only get one shotted by the marksmen’s bow, if you are a first tier unit without any XP bonuses to your health. It takes at least three shots to kill a full-health Legionnaire.

The devs have said that they have not been able to pin down the ping reporting completely, but as the mere reporting of your ping doesn’t affect gameplay, this shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve noticed far less frustrations with aiming and lag in this game, than I did with the early code of BF:1942, and the devs are working on the netcode with every patch.

Penny-Arcade offers some insight into the demo:

Played my first full game on the retail version and got the “Teacher’s Pet” award at the end of the game for following orders. :lol:

True gaming moment. Man I love this game…

It’s interesting to compare Savage to Planetside. While I think PS is a better game in most ways, Savage is free to play after the initial purchase and you can build bases and destroy the enemy’s structures. That’s a couple of compelling features that trump PS.

I got “Reapers Best Buddy” for dying the most in my first game. Mostly because I was reckless, but I was 4th in kills with my kills equalling my deaths, so I didn’t do too bad.