Savage Developer Chat at Bjorn3D

Some interesting tidbits about the future of Savage and about S2Games.

Q: How many people are working for S2?

A: There are a total of 8 employees at S2. 3 programmers, 4 artists, and a biz relations guy.

Only three programmers. :shock: And they made their own engine and all. That increased my respect for the game quite a bit.

I don’t think any of them have taken a holiday or a break since the game was released either, and they are planning on giving away free content every month or so. If they weren’t already cracked, I think that proves it :D.

“Q: Do you feel that with all the success of the Game, s2games will move into the movie industry and produce a movie about the game? Especially with all kinds of movies based on lousy games , might as well make a movie on a good game , no? :)”

What the hell?