Savage Eden: The Battle for Laghaim

Anyone tried this? Is it any good? Today was the first time I ever heard about the game, and it seems like a simple, action-oriented MMORPG-lite. The features sound kind of interesting with wars between guilds and castle sieges and such.

I looked into it and apparently this is a US publisher releasing a UK game under a different name in the US market. The original game is called Biosfear, and can be found at I’ve not tried either, but I’m interested, and apparently you can get a 2 week free trial from either the SavageEden or the Biosfear folks, though apparently Biosfear is running a newer version of the game, and SavageEden is slower to update. Hard to say if it’s worth a tradeoff of ping to play on a more updated game.

True, Savage Eden in the US is slower to update, but last I heard from them, they were running in game events, where as Biofear’s does not.

Also, with Savage Eden, they have a faster leveling curve, and (did?) run increased loot drops.


good to know - I didn’t look into either in that much depth. I will probably get around to checking one of them out next week.