So who still plays Savage, if anyone? It’s available as a free download (including the UI mods required to play on most servers) from S2’s website.

If anyone does play, especially on Euro servers, let’s kill some shit together. It gets old playing without someone to watch my back. ;)


She plays US servers whenever she plays, which is very rarely. :(

I still have it installed on my machine, but I haven’t played it in ages. Not since last october, I think.

Did someone say free? Is this game worth trying for a noob? I looked at Savage 2 info and it seemed interesting, other than that I know nothing about S1.

Savage 1 can be vicious for noobs. Especially in melee.

If you’re a good FPS player, it’s no problem. Most of them time the game catapults straight to endgame with barely an engagement or two (Beasts can’t sac with shields up, Humans can’t push through Beasts in tier-2).

Give it a shot. Focus on these things for a start.


-Tempest whenever it’s available. It’s a very long-ranged railgun-esque weapon, and if you’re a good shot with it you can do very well.
-Blaze when Tempest isn’t up. Short-ranged, small AE, continuous stream of damage, slow to get to target.
-Leap to get away from Humans trying to melee you. Silly Humans.
-Sacrifice. Use it, and ten seconds later you explode, killing everyone around you and doing a lot of damage to buildings. You can count seconds, or go by the time.
-For a more advanced tactic, try hopping in a Summoner and sniping people.

-Coil Rifle, baby! One of my two favorite weapons in the game, the other being the Pulse Cannon, which is harder to use. Long-ranged, has zoom, not as easy to use as tempest but still great.
-Repeater when Coil isn’t up. Very inaccurate but very rapid firing. If you can learn to work with it, you can do good damage.
-Block is powerful, but hard to use. Don’t sweat it if you can’t kill good players in melee.
-Again, for a more advanced tactic, anti-personnel siege units are very powerful but are high-priority targets, so if you can’t hit people nearly every shot you’ll die, painfully.

Other than that, it’s pretty straightforward. Attack to build, attack to mine, attack to repair, do what the Commander tells you to do, and for the love of all the gaming Gods please don’t take the Command spot!