Saves: Xbox to 360

I haven’t been keeping up on this, but it is still true that there will be no way to transfer saves from the Xbox to the 360? If not, it makes backwards compatibility much less of an issue for me, as I’m not going to want to have to unlock all of my games again just to play them on the new console.

You are correct sir.

Backwards compat. on the 360 really won’t be useful for games you already own, unfortunately. Due to this whole save game thing, of course. It’ll only be good for playing new Xbox games you buy after you get your 360 (maybe something good comes out but there’s no 360 version, or maybe you pick up an earlier game in the bargian bin or what have you).

That, and of course multiplayer stuff. I mean there’s no reason you can’t play Halo 2 or SC:CT on the 360 without your saves if you’re only playing online these days.

When I spoke to Microsoft at E3 about this very issue, they said they’re examining ways for users to get their data off the Xbox and onto the 360, maybe over a network connection or something. Whatever it is would also serve as a means for backing up digital downloads in the marketplace… if you upgrade your 20GB hard drive to an 80GB drive sometime two years from now, you’re going to want to move all your data off. Though they said they recognized the concern and were looking into the “right way to do it” (their words, not mine), it sure didn’t seem like a big priority. I wouldn’t be surprised if it never happened.

Having said that, I’m curious about the same thing with the PS2/PS3. From the looks of it, the PS3 does not have the memory card slot that the PS1 and PS2 had.

Why in the world would I want to move my Xbox live account to a system that I can’t transfer my saves to and won’t necessarily play my Xbox Live games?

Unless MS allows an account to be shared between an Xbox and an X360, it’s yet another reason why my enthusiasm for the new system has almost vanished.

Remember, Live is the revenue model of the future. When they say they want to do it “right”, they mean with minimal support costs and maximum ease of use. Online product cycles are MUCH faster than compiled product cycles, so don’t worry too much.

Remember, MS has been angling for continual monthly revenue streams for almost a decade.

Why can’t they just offer a option with Live to let people upload saves to their account with an Xbox then DL them onto their 360? It requires you to have broadband to do it but its at least something.

I’m almost positive you can use your account for both systems. I’m pretty sure that’s what I read in OXM, I’ll try to dig out the article later.

Yes, Xbox Live is not tied to the original Xbox. As far as I know, you can use it on both.

Which is why Jason’s idea should work. I don’t know why they wouldnt implement it. I thought Live required a broadband connection anyway, so anyone who uses it should already have that kind of speed. Users who don’t use Live will just be screwed, as they should be for not taking advantage of the main reason to own a 360.

Before some of you have a fit, I do not have Live for my X-Box, nor do I plan to get a 360, since I have little interest in their online games or their launch titles. So I am not trying to be smug about my Live connection.

Ummm…I’m totally out of the loop on this. Whats the story on backwards compatability, disregarding the saves issue. Can I just fire up my Halo 2 on the 360? I heard some rumor about having to download patches in order to play the Xbox games on 360 and not every game will have a patch.

That’s no rumor, buddy.

No one has any idea how many Xbox games will work on the new system. The rumor is that only three are confirmed for launch, but that seems so low as to be farcical. I guess we’ll find out in a month?


The system will ship with some emulation profiles for “top games,” whatever that means. I bet the number will be low, but I know Halo 2 is their #1 priority since it’s the system’s top seller, and by FAR the top played game on Xbox Live. In fact, Halo and Halo 2 are supposedly going to get some sort of enhancement on the 360 (maybe run in a higher resolution, maybe with AA, maybe anistropic filtering, who knows).

As long as you’re hooked up to Live (meaning you’re plugged in at all - the free Live Silver is enough) the system is supposed to auto-update the emulator and profiles to enable backward compatibility with more games. Nobody knows how many, or when. But it will probably be an “invisible” update, like all the inivible updates they’ve done to Halo 2.

Though it hasn’t been officially announced, it’s sort of one of those “everybody already knows it” facts that Halo and Halo 2 are going to work out of the box. Beyond that, nobody knows how many Xbox games will work. I personally expect a pretty low number for the titles that will work at launch - like a dozen, no more than 20. I only hope they’re able to qualify games quickly and grow the list fast.

And hopefully all the 2006 Xbox titles will work on the 360 the day they go on shelves. Again, there’s no official word yet. Supposedly Microsoft is going to put a list of back compat titles up on in the next week or two, and update the list over time.

Ok, I’ve lost much of my initial enthusiasm for the 360. None of the games the have scheduled for the launch are enough to motivate to buy the darn thing and I dont want to run two systems at once. The intial launch of the 360 will, in my humble opinion, be less than stellar.

Oh, it’ll sell out, for no reason other than they are shorting the allotments to cover the whole world at once. But one the hardcore get theirs, they will be plentiful and easily had (if you can call $400+tax easy). Then, there’ll be the software drought, as the gap between the rushed out launch titles and the titles that actually use more than a fraction of the hardware’s power are developed.

I guess I’m predicting another PSP, aren’t I?

But the PSP didn’t sell out. It wasn’t even close.

It would have if Sony had shorted the allotments. That’s exactly what I would have done to create “buzz.” I would have launched closer to a holiday season, too.

I’d pay 10 grandmas to have a fist fight at the checkout and make sure the press was there for it. Worked wonders for Cabbage Patches.