Saw my first WII today

At Gamestop at the mall, people lined up 10 deep to play the zelda fishing game.

It looks beautiful, as good as most games on my year old top of the line (then) PC.

Can we declare a winner to the next gen already? I would be suprised if the PS3 and 360 can push enough pixels to beat this machine at half the price.

I’m all for declaring a winner, but then I already have a Wii.

Seems likely that those who insist that the only true next gen systems are those that support 1080i will not be impressed by the sheer fun of the Wii.

(Told the nice young woman who cuts my hair that I had a Wii and she freaked. She’s a huge fan of Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution – games that put the game in the room rather than on the screen – and she can’t wait to get a Wii-mote in her mitts. Not that her opinion matters in determining the next gen winner…)

Can we declare a winner to the next gen already?

No. It’s still way too soon to know:

  • Will the novelty wear off? The Wii is awesome the first time you play (moved me from “on the fence” to “WANT!”). But how soon will people get tired of swinging a bat or golf club.

  • Will the games use the controller, or will they shoehorn it in as a gimmick? There was a lot of the latter at the DS launch, and later (for the most part, there were some exceptions) came the former.

  • Will the controller meet (possibly unfair) expectations? People talk about Jedi and swordfighting, for example. There’s a mental process that people envision in the “ultimate light saber game”, and I’m not sure that the Wii can deliver. Not for lack of technology, but maybe because people are expecting the impossible.

Also, how do we definte “winner”? Consoles sold? profit? Games sold?

Sure looks to me like the market has merely grown enough so that the Wii and the 360 can each have major success with different demographics and positioning. I can’t see people buying the Wii version of games like GTA and Mercenaries (if they even make one) over the 360.

I guess the ideal outcome for Nintendo would be if people wind up making cross-platform for Wii & 360 and holding back to the least common denominator, but that seems unlikely to me.

Actually that would be the worst possible outcome. I want to see developers set up teams and even entire studios that exist solely to produce unique Wii games.

I already own a 360.

Sure, as long as you’re talking about the 360.

I personally believe that it’s going to be more like, the first few months or year of the Wii will be “wow this is so cool, i’m immersing myself in the gameplay”, then people will get a bit fed up. Like how dance-mats were all the rage, and now seem to be found in charity shops for £1.

I do like the Wii, and i can’t wait for the innovation to pour out of it, but right now it seems to be a few reasonable full games and VC games i already own (at least in the UK… they won’t let us UK people have US VC games). Later on, when the good games come out that use the wiimote to it’s fullest, i’ll probably be proved wrong, and the next-next gen will be all about VR style controls ;P

I don’t know about a winner but unless it seriously picks up the pace the PS3 is the loser.

Way too early, period.

I’m sure it looks fine on a 22" demo kiosk LCD, but Zelda only looks OK when you blow it up to 60" on an HDTV. Lots of jaggies, but what do you want for 480p. I’ve been re-playing Metroid Prime, and it looks much better through the Wii’s progressive scan, but that’s really about as good as it’s going to get. Heck, Red Steel looks like crap compared to Metroid Prime. Muddy textures, color banding, nearly all right-angle walls…meh.

The 360 really does blow the graphics away at the high end. If Nintendo released a new, HD Wii that even just went to 720p, I’d buy it and shuffle the current one off to the kids.

Sort of like the old joke:

Patient: “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.”

Doctor: “Don’t do that.”

I was over at my older son’s home where he has set up his Sony 55" 1080i. The Incredibles looked…incredible. Most of the broadcast stuff looked pants. Talk about an awkward transition. As someone who watches more broadcast than plays games, I think I’ll wait until 2009 when digital allegedly becomes the standard.

Really? The broadcast stuff has been some of the most impressive HD I’ve seen. SNL looks better than it’s funny, CSI’s overpushed colors and Miami skylines are gorgeous, and football never looked better. Even shows like 30 Rock and My Name Is Earl are elevated by HD.

Now, if what you mostly watch is basic cable stuff rather than the big 4, you’ll probably be waiting a long time for the HD to kick in.


I saw 22 Wiis today. One store got a pile while I was lining up to buy presents.
Bet most customers were broke by then, though ;)

Crap! I’m both not broke AND not there.

So the question is, how many people are pumping pixels on the 60" screen through their system of choice?

It sounds like it’s somewhat of a niche market for tech mad playboys. I’m thinking Mom Dad and the kids are going to be sitting in frong of their modest 32" HDTV and feeling pretty happy with the Wii.

I’m happy with my 32" non-HD TV, and the Wii looks great on it. The move from composite to S-video did make the colors more vibrant. I haven’t sprung for the component cable since I don’t think I will see much difference.

BUT if you look at the broadcast channels when they aren’t showing things in HD, it looks like crap. Somehow SDTV looks far worse on an HD set than it does on a regular SD set, in many cases.

We have our “old” (maybe 3 years old?) 32-inch CRT in the living room. The HDTV is in the “game room”, and we only watch movies and play games on it. (OK, we watch the occasional over the air HD on it, but it’s not even connected to cable.)

No loss in our case, since I never watch television and my wife and daughter are satisfied with the CRT there.

And that’s the case with my son’s massive screen. The local football franchise isn’t broadcast in HD by my son’s cable provider. Thanks, Mr. Murdoch. As a consequence, football games are broadcast in 4x3 (!) with huge black bands on the sides and the active screen area alive with the fuzzy sizzle of images blown up way past their legibility. Sort of like a 320x240 QuickTime movie in IMAX. Yum.